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Getting Ready for States 2009 November 5, 2009

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The Back Story

This morning I received a message on facebook from Dillon reminding me that States is right around the corner. I’m glad he did because I didn’t have it on my list of things to think about this month. Good thing I’ve been thinking a lot about standard the past few weeks. I’ve been tinkering with goblins specifically built around Warren Instgator, I’ll get to more on that later.

Flash to this afternoon with a timely visit from John, Arcane Order club member, to talk about the development of decks in the new standard. We spent the better part of an hour analyzing decks on tcgplayer.com. There are a lot of interesting builds out there, mostly aggressive and few control oriented. I don’t think I saw a Cancel all day. To state the obvious Baneslayer Angel is the best creature in most decks and fetch lands will be ever present.

Standard A GoGo

I’m not sure what I’ll be playing everything from Jund to the new Bant looks tempting. Mono red looks hot but the Planeswalkers deck is also intriguing. It is going to be a challenge figuring out who will be playing what as there hasn’t been a clear leader in the current meta.

Back to my goblins. I started with this in a more casual mindset but it has some interesting potential. I’ve played a few games and love putting chieftan onto the battlefield because of instigator. Anyway take a look and let me know what you think. Keep in mind this is based on cards I own and not what I think is the best build.

4 x Raging Goblin
2 x Goblin Bushwhacker
1 x Goblin Guide
4 x Warren Instigator
4 x Goblin Chieftain
4 x Goblin Razerunners
2 x Siege-Gang Commander

4 x Burst Lightning
2 x  Fireball
4 x Lightning Bolt
4 x Dragon Fodder
1 x Goblin Assault
2 x Trailblazer’s Boots

20 x Mountain
2 x Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle

Rules Details – No More Final Cut July 24, 2009

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As a Magic Rules adviser I’m on the rules clarification chains from Wizards. Honestly I don’t know who the people are who answer the questions (the whole system is really confusing to me), but never the less I get them and they are great resources of information. Yesterday I received the following clarification on a rule that was dropped and flew under my radar.

From now on after you present your deck to your opponent and they shuffle your deck, you don’t get a final cut. Here are the details:

We have purposely removed that final cut, after careful consideration of many factors and a fair amount of discussion.

There has been some question about this decision already; some expressed concern that we’ve removed a player’s best opportunity to prevent their opponents from manipulating their library.  That’s not entirely true; your best opp to prevent that is “Judge! he was doing funny stuff when he shuffled my deck!!”

You are responsible for randomizing your deck before you hand it to your opponent.  Your opponent is also responsible for further randomization.  If both meet their responsibilities, then the final cut is pointless.  If either fail in their responsibilities, get a judge involved.

So there you have it. This rule is something I didn’t catch first time around wanted to make sure eveyone is aware.

2009 Pittsburgh Regionals Recap May 19, 2009

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First of I wanted to note that Dillion of the Power 9 Pro Blog came down Friday evening to crash at my place and take the regionals by storm. He finished in 14th place playing B/W Tokens and would have made it to the finals if he didn’t face a pesky lark deck. I have to give a big thanks to Dillon for helping me crash course the meta game, play test against his deck, and hook me up with some cards. I also want to thank Duncan Hewes and Aaron Iforgetyourlastname each lending me an Ajani Goldmane. The card was going for $17 the day of the event and rightly so because it is an all star right now.


So yesterday I shared a link to the list I started with. Here is what I actually ran:

3 Cloudgoat Ranger
4 Figure of Destiny
3 Goldmeadow Harrier
4 Knight of Meadowgrain
4 Wilt-Leaf Liege
4 Wizened Cenn

4 Path to Exile
4 Spectral Procession
4 Ajani Goldmane
1 Elspeth, Knight-Errant

2 Mutavault
15 Plains
4 Rustic Clachan
4 Windbrisk Heights

3 Burrenton Forge-Tender
2 Stillmoon Cavalier
1 Celestial Purge
2 Lapse of Certainty
2 Martial Coup
3 Moonglove Extract
2 Runed Halo

The only change came in the sideboard because I wanted Runed Halo for possible Banefire or unknown monstrosities, like Chameleon Colossus. I wasn’t expecting to rely on Celestial Purge and I actually never brought it in. If I had to do it all over again I would probably  drop Celestial Purge for an extra Lapse of Certainty and, maybe, trade Martial Coup for two Wrath of God. I never played Martial Coup all day, either not having enough mana for the wrath or not drawing it. The games I had it and didn’t play I didn’t need it for the win, and I didn’t draw it in a few games where it could have helped. People have been down on Stillmoon Cavalier but I think he was really good. Whenever I played him, especially against B/W Tokens I won the game.

I think that this deck was successful for two reasons. One, people were expecting it to be B/W Tokens and boarded accordingly. I won round three against a control variant because he boarded in Whispermare and other board sweepers. So that surprise element was a huge advantage. Two, this deck is just full of gas especially with Ajani and all the pumpers. Dee wrote on the Magic Game Plan that there are 12 Glorious Anthem effects in this deck and they are either creatures or giving vigilance. In my mind I traded Wilt-Leaf Liege for Glorious Anthem and I think the Liege is better because it is also a creature.

The biggest surprise of all was main deck Goldmeadow Harrier. Not only for defense but on the attack I needed to tap a chumping Bitterblossom token more than once. I didn’t have a problem ditching Stalwart for Harrier, because either Stalwart is good on turn one or lame in mid to late game. Harrier is good in either place because it can keep you protected later.

Round 1

I played Mike who was running a Naya/Bloodbraid Elf deck that I assume had overrun but I didn’t see it during the match. Game one he got out fast bringing me to 2 life quickly with 3 Wild Nactal and a Bloodbraid Elf. I was able to stabilize with, you gessed it, Goldmeadow Harrier, Spectral Procession tokens, and Cloudgoat Ranger. One Elspeth later and I’m able to bring him from 17 life to zero in four turns. Game two, I get a turn one Figure of Destiny and get in for two damage. He drops a turn three Wolly Thoctar and I take beats for a few turns until I can setup 2 Windbrisk Heights each with Wilt-Leaf Liege. In a turn where I swing with spectral tokens and bring out both Lieges he takes a lot of damage, like 12 and he can’t recover from my pumped guys.

I’m glad this match played out like it did because I had to come back game one and it quickly made me focus on how I was playing as well as give me the confidence to do a lot of damage fast. 1-0

Round 2

My first match results were miss recorded so I needed to get that sorted out. I was worried I filled out my slip wrong but fortunately it was just entered into the computer wrong. This round I played another Mike running B/W Tokens. Game one he gets the good tokens draw and plays Finks, Redcap with Ajani and keeps me held back with Zealous Persecution. I basically draw into slow cards and don’t have the gas.

Game 2 he gets double Bitterblossom but I’ve got the gas, Figure of Destiny, Wizen Cenn and Ajani I steadily smash until his two Bitterblossoms kill him on his upkeep turn five.

Game 3 is a bigger battle. He gets multiple Zealous Persecution and a finks with Ajani. He gets me down to 9 but I’m able to path his creature and kill his Ajani. When I stabilize I’ve got Spectral tokens, two Windbrisk Heights with a Liege under each (I know), and I am smashing for six three turns in a row before he scoops. I think I got lucky in this game because he was only drawing land mid game. If he had gotten a creature to follow up me Pathing his Kitchen Finks I don’t know I would have been able to recover. 2-0

Round 3

I play Brock who is running some sort of four color control, I’m not sure if it was lark but I didn’t see one. Game one he gets land screwed and I get him down to to twelve with double Knight of Meadowgrain and when I stick an Ajani he scoops.

Game 2 we get to play. This game is a lot of back and forth at first. I play a creature and he drops a Kitchen Finks he goes up to 25 life before dropping Wrath of God. I see some counter and get hit with Broken Ambitions a few times. I keep playing creatures and eventually stick a Figure of Destiny and hit him a few times for four damage. He kills the figure with path eventually I get another and am able to edge it out against him. Just in time too because he was about to draw into his cards. I don’t remember what he showed me but it wasn’t lark. He did say he thought I was playing B/W Tokens and brought in Whispermare and other tools to fight tokens. He did have a lot of Wrath and I was lucky to keep a step ahead of him. 3-0

Round 4

I play Joe with B/W Tokens. I remember this match as being a tough game but looking at my notes I seem to have game one pretty much in hand. Turn one Figure to Cenn. I swing for more than five a few times and don’t take one point of damage.

Game two was the difficult one. He gets me down to 15 fast until I rebound and take him down to 9, when he drops kitchen finks and bitterblossom, but my guys just get too big for him and I swing for damage. I think this is one of the games were I was able to use Harrier to tap a Bitterblossom token to swing in for the match. 4-0

Round 5

I play Bill who is playing, yep, B/W Tokens. I get an early Knight of Meadowgrain and we trade beats until he drops Spectral Procession in two consecutive turns. With Ajani he flies over for 12 points in one turn and I can’t recover. I figured I’m bound to loose a few games to B/W but I bring in Stillmoon and we start game two. I’m out of the gate with a good start and get Stillmoon and Knight of Meadowgrain. His next turn he plays Spectral Processon and we trade beats with me ahead because of the knight. Until he gets a Cloudgoat Ranger from the hideaway land and Ajani. I get him down to two and will win next turn with Stillmoon except I loose when he attacks after pumping with Ajani and then pumping Cloudgoat still hitting me for six with the tokens. I’ll admit I wasn’t aware of this trick and that is how I lost. Anyway good game and at least I learned a trick I could use. 4-1

Round 6

I face Grant playing Revelark. I know Grant from around Pittsburgh and we were both at the same FNM the night before, however we didn’t play each other so we didn’t know what each other was playing. Unfortunately (for him) he gets really mana screwed game one. I don’t have an amazing hand but  knock him out in about 6 turns. Game two he gets mana screwed again and I have one of my best hands. I open with Figure, turn two Wizen Cenn, turn three Wizen Cenn. He would have had to have wrath to stabilize. 5-1

Round 7

I play David who also made top 8, at this point I’m paired up against him at 5-1 and he is 6-0. We are at table 2 and the other two 6-0 guys are drawing into the finals. David was playing a very interesting B/W Token deck but had been destroying people all day with a combo using Marsh Flitter, Sigil Captain and Murderous Redcap. Game one he gets an ok start and I’m at it with my usual beats until he stabilizes with tokens and gets all three of his combo creatures on the board. I loose.

Game two, I board in Runed Halo for the first time of the day, and I get one in my starting seven. I come out strong with Knight of Meadowgrain and Sillmoon. He gets a Kitchen Finks, that leaves the game with my path, and really doesn’t get anything else he needs. I win quickly. Game three, I get out early again getting him down to 15 and he has Bitterblossom. We jockey for board position and he is taking damage from his bitterblossom and I am swinging with a  figure of destiny, killing his token. I either get Ajani or Wilt-Leaf Liege because I smash for 8 points when he is at 10 forcing him to block with his spectral procession tokens and Sigil Captain. I win next turn. 6-1

Round 8

At this point I’m ranked 4th in the overall standings with first and second at 19 pionts (6-0-1) and one other guy in 3rd at 18 points. We are all facing each other and everyone wants to draw into the finals. I’m nervous about this because there are about 10 other people with 18 points. I consult a few people and decide to draw. Luckily I get in on tie breakers at 8th place overall.

In retrospect if I would have played and won this round, I probably would have finished first overall. Especially since the other two people ahead of me drew. My matchup was against B/W Tokens and I have been playing really good against that deck. I was also really tired at this point and the break was welcome. Too bad I spent most of it worried I was going to get bumped out of top 8. 6-1-1


I face Adam who is playing Revelark. I was a little worried about facing this matchup all day and I got lucky against it in round 6. Dillon who was watching over my shoulder pointed out some misplays in game one that basically cost me the match. I get out to my usual turn one Figure of Destiny and a turn two Knight of Meadowgrain. My mistake was I was holding Ajani and Rustic Clachan. I didn’t play the Clachan with my other kithkin and so my turn four land came into play tapped. I couldn’t play Ajani which would have given me a huge advantage in this game. I get him down to 13 and he stabilized, wraths my board and keeps counter mana open at all times. He ends up getting a lot of guys and winning. I did get him down to 3 life by the end of it… so close.

Game two I board for power, by not taking out anything that will slow my deck down. Especially since his deck is meant to streatch out the game and win later, I need speed. I do bring in my two Lapse of Certainty but that’s all. Draw, I get the gas. Turn one Figure, turn two Cenn, turn three Cenn. On turn three he plays stillmoon which is just a wall with my pumped guys. His turn four he is at 5 life and I thought he would wrath, but instead he drops another Stillmoon. On my turn I’m holding Ajani which will stick but I’m also holding something special. I swing with my guys he blocks a 6/6 figure and one 3/3 Cenn leaving one 3/3 to get in for damage. I have four mana open and discard two Rustic Clachan for the extra two points and the game.

Game three I have an ok hand but not what I need. I get him down to 12 before he can stabilize and I’m never able to resolve another creature. By this game I’m making a lot of silly mistakes and I missed a couple plays to help me stay in the game somewhat. I loose.

All in all this was an amazing day and I’m really proud of how I played and finished. I wish I wasn’t so drained in the finals. The day was really long with the event starting at 10 am and the finals didn’t start until 8:30 – 9. There were around 230 participants in this event.

2009 Pittsburgh Regionals Top 8 May 18, 2009

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If you study the following picture closely, you will notice two things.


1. My name is not spelled Hoelsman, it’s Huelsman.

2. I MADE TOP 8!

So suck on that BW Tokens I beat you three out of four times.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win in the finals and did not earn a ticket to nationals. I’ll have a more detailed tournament report coming up but I wanted to share the news this morning as I took a day away from the internet yesterday.

I haven’t seen the coverage posted on the Wizards of the Coast site yet but I’ll link when it goes up. If you want to take a look at my deck list I basically played mono white Kithkin.

Alara Reborn Release Event May 8, 2009

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I wasn’t able to make a prerelease event this time around because of a busy schedule and other factors (like the Penguins clinching their second round playoff spot). So last weekend I did make sure I could participatein a release event at my local shop. The scene was sketchy at first because we only had 7 people when we were supposed to start, but a random person in the store and a covering of costs from one of the other players got us to the minimum. I forget the name of the guy who did cover the cost of the extra guy – thanks dude you deserved the first place finish.

I went 2-2 playing Jund colors with a lot of removal. I thought I would be able to keep the path clear while I could get my creatures through. I felt my deck was ok but all my shards rares were scattered and not really playable, included a Crucible of Fire, rawr. I did have some interesting esper rares from my Reborn packs but I didn’t feel like I had enough blue or black for the build. As I’m writing this I’m wondering if I could have made it happen in esper.

When I opened my Reborn packs I really wasn’t expecting how difficult it would be to whittle down my main colors. I think my lack of solid rare cards was contributing to that fact. So I was pretty flexible in what was possible. Looking at all the multicolored really was overwhelming when I didn’t have a good sense of the cards. I know my fault for not studying up in advance.

One thing I did do while playing this event was experiment with a different shuffling system where I don’t table suffle as much. I think it worked ok for the first two games and then after that I really had big clumps of land. Hense the mana screw of round three. In game three of that round I mulled down to four and never drew more than one land the whole game. Ugh.

In retrospect I wish there were more Reborn sealed events happening in my area because I’d love to play more of the format. I’m a huge fan of this set. It is by far the most interesting and powerful in a long time. I wasn’t expecting such a great set at the end of this block.

Check back starting tomorrow as I kick off my Alara Reborn Reviews.

Draft and the 1/1 March 13, 2009

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This week I was in a shards/shards/conflux draft. I went 3-0 running a cheep Jundish deck. I didn’t open any bombs, passed a master of etherium for a Vithian Stinger and ran a single copy of Goblin Mountaineer and Lightning Talons. I had about 6 decent removal spells. The key to the deck was Neceogenisis, but that isn’t the point of this post.

I’m an aggro guy at heart. I like dropping a bunch of small guys and getting in for quick damage and repeat. I love Kithkin for this fact as well as token decks. So this week when I was asked why I run Goblin Mountaineer, I didn’t know what to say. To me it feels right playing a 1/1 on turn one, especially a mountainwalker in draft seems like a good play to me. I know it isn’t the best 1/1 in limited right now I’d prefer Wild Nactal of course, but I digress. I was told that Goblin Mountaineer was “so bad.” I didn’t think so because he fits into my deck and I’m comfortable using it. Or so I thought.

Tonight at FNM we drafted shards/shards/conflux and my first two picks were Woolly Thoctar. I was in Naya and I went 3-1 loosing one match with some serious mana screw. I didn’t have a Goblin Mountaineer tonight. However my deck was a lot better and I would have rather had it earlier in the week. The only one drops I played tonight were 2 x Wild Nactal and 1x Toxic Iguanar. Nactal is good, but I never used Toxic Iguanar to take out a larger guy with deathtouch, but what it did to is draw fire and get in for a single point of damage here and there. WHich I think can be the difference when games go the distance.

Which brings me back to my point about draft and the 1/1. I believe that you need utility cards that “aren’t good” to get you through the match. Cards that you can trust and fill spots that other players don’t play. I routinely see people play cards that I would never consider useing. Cards that I believe to be over costed and junk. What I have learned is that different cards fill different slots for different players. That is what makes magic such good game and why there are potential answers for almost every situation.

So in long form that is why I choose and play Goblin Mountaineer in draft. Besides in the current limited meta game most decks are running red for removal.

Affinity Say Wha? February 19, 2009

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I can has Arcbound Ravager?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m not really an extended player. I enjoy the limits of standard and current meta game, which is more than enough magic for my schedule. But, I was looking over the Affinity deck list Mike Flores posted the other day and I thought to myself, I have most of those cards. When building my Megatog deck, I was looking over a bunch of commons from the Mirrodin block so I was familiar with most of the cards in that list. Sans two or three cards I came up with most of the list completely. I was impressed with my self for sure. 

So why do I start this post out with I’m not an extended player. Because all of the Grand Prix events are extended right now. I’m not planning on going to any of them because of that. I’m a little tickled I can make one of the decks and now that I realized it isn’t too difficult to come up with some of the deck lists I may consider the format more in the future. I hope to sit down with some of the guys practicing extended at my shop though. 

For everyone who is getting competitive during this extended season I’ve got a thought about what some of the review sites are doing. Now I could be wrong but keep this in mind. Sites that are sharing the virtues of X deck maybe trying to hype a specific deck type, I’m thinking this could be their way of influencing the meta game. Getting players stoked about a specific deck and then showing up with just the right amount of hate. That is just a hunch and all. I believe what effects the meta game more than anything are the top 8 deck lists. Anyway good luck to  everyone playing extended this year.

Conflux Prerelease Recap Video January 31, 2009

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The people have spoken. I brought my camera with me today and here is a recap of my thoughts on Conflux. I didn’t spend time in between rounds to take any footage especially the second round as my deck was pretty slow. 

First thing’s first. I hate to complain about a prerelease because there is so much excitement about the new cards, but seriously Wizards what gives? Please leave comments to let me know what happened in your area. As I mention in the video, I  showed up at 8 a.m. sharp to get into flights early. I knew from people and the previous nights FNM that there weren’t going to be the usual flights but no one seemed to know what was going on. Anyway, there are a lot of people who showed up in between 8 and 9 to play. There was no flight, there was no draft there wasn’t even open duling. Basically the event is changed to just flights that start at specific times. No more main event, no more 32 man flights. Just strictly scheduled flights starting as predetermined times. 

I’m not so much bothered by the change, but rather how it occured. As I understand in the PES folks got the message late yesterday from Wizards about the changes. I’ve got to say this really sucks because I made specific plans to participate in the event early in the day. I was hoping to do two events and leave early afternoon. These changes pretty much prevented my plan from happening. The changes do make sense, because something I complained about during the Eventide prerelease is that I was only able to get into one event because I couldn’t get there until 1 p.m.  and these changes seem to try to fix that. The problem is that the current prereleases are very poorly attended compared to previous prereleases. So let me get off this rant, but it’s obvious that the prerelease is still kind of broken. 

How about those cards. Well I spend some time in the video talking about what I saw and used today. Cards that I liked, cards that are working, and how the heck are we dealing with these mana costs. Well I didn’t spend too much time talking about paying crazy mana costs but I did see some people win with 5 color decks. I felt that three color decks defiantly have a better ability to smooth out their base more than anything. 

Next I’ll be thinking about some standard builds with the new cards. One card in particular that I did open today, Master Transmuter. Everyone was begging to trade it, but I’ve got plans for her.

Conflux Prerelease Question January 28, 2009

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Today the whole city of Pittsburgh is on a snow delay. So while I’m waiting it out I’d thought I would solidify my prerelease plans and spend more time reading the prerelease info than normal and I noticed something about open dueling.  Previously if you participated in open dueling you would get a prerelease card and a booster pack for your effort. Did they change that? Here is the official info:

Open Dueling – Open Dueling registration is prioritized for customers not participating in the Prerelease tournament. Open Dueling players receive 1 Intro Pack, 1 Open Dueling Results Card, and 1 promo card (while supplies last). Open Dueling players play against other Open Dueling players as well as tournament players who are between matches. Tournament players are encouraged to help teach new customers how to play Magic while playing in Open Dueling. After a participant has completed their Open Dueling Results Card, and the card has been verified by the organizer or judge, he/she receives one complimentary booster pack provided by the organizer.

Was it just the habit of my local venue to give out an additional prerelease card or are they discontinuing the practice. Honestly that is one of the only reasons I participated in open dueling to begin with. 

So I’ll take a quick poll, to duel or not to duel.

One other fact is that when I opened my intro back during the shards release my foil rare was bent badly in one corner. It seemed like a manufacturing issue but I was disappointed that the organizers wouldn’t do anything about it.

Legacy Aloha December 9, 2008

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This past Saturday I played in my first Legacy event. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I don’t have any experience playing with serious Legacy players. My first brush with the format was when I went to Grand Prix Columbus back in 07. Yes that was the famous GP where Flash broke the format and got itself banned. 

Side note: I actually played in a Time Spiral sealed event and took 6th out of 32 (the first time I ever finished in prizes). I had a cool deck with Tefri, Mystical Teachings, and Teneb but should have played more red in retrospect.

Anyway I loved watching the event and I was really pumped to be around so much magic. Flash forward to this past weekend and I’m piloting RB Goblins. I didn’t have enough cards to play something competitive so I borrowed the deck from a friend at the store, Thanks Jonathan! 

Below are the decks played and their final result as well as my deck list.

Round 1: I play mono white (Death and Taxes I think) where every creature is pro red. I’ve got a good draw and get enough tempo on him to swing around his pro red guys for the win. Game two was a little more difficult since I didn’t get the greatest opening hand. But I get up when I play Ringleader finding a Lackey and Siege Gang Commander. Next turn I ht with the Lackey and put down the commander. He is playing the Timespiral guy who comes into play and kills a goblin. I draw another Siege Gang and play it. I have enough guys to swing in every turn for enough damage do finish the job. 1-0

Round 2: I think my inexperience with the deck and format came into play here and the next round. I keep a hand that I’m not crazy about but I think I can get out fast enough. I’m playing against the fourth place Predator Stompy. Game 1 he gets Predator Kavu out with skulking-pit something or other and ramps to pump for huge trample damage by turn three or four. I don’t have the right answers and go down badly. Game two I’m a little more prepared for the match and I draw Warrens Weirding and enough mana cards to start. He gets kavu out and same pit guy early. I take out both with weirding and mogg fanatic and I’m hoping he’ll stall long enough for me to get my ringleader in play and blast off. He follows up next turn with another kavu and I loose to a 24/24 trampler the following turn. I think I didn’t mulligan enough in this game and my opponent obviously got really great draws and top decks both games. 1-1

Round 3: I play against UWb Landstill with Standstill and some other white card that removes all creature abilities. I didn’t get the hands I needed to accelerate fast enough against this control matchup. Also I’m not used to playing against the free counterspells in Legacy. Both games basically went the same. I get a guy or two out. He plays standstill and gets an artifact creature land. Locks me down with Espalath and other control. I think his deck is a really good matchup against me. Bla. 1-2

Round 4: I play against Team America. I really enjoyed this round because I was able to get my deck in motion taking advantage of it’s removal and speed. Game one I get fanatic and sharpshooter. He drops Tarmogoyf which I kill with incinerator and sharpshooter. He gets that giant black creature you can Delve for 6 for free (from Future Sight). I kill with another incinerator, mogg fanatic and sharpshooter. I’m rolling now and he can’t deal with my beat down. Game two went much the same except he gets double black future site guy that I remove. I think goblins was a really good match up against this deck. 2-2

Here is a link to the report on The Source.

1st: RGW Zoo (PRIZE: 4 Tarmogoyfs)
2nd: Ur Dreadstill (PRIZE: 4 Force of Will)
3rd: UB Ad Nauseum Tendrils (ANT) (PRIZE: $30 Store Credit)
4th: Predator Stompy
5th: Death and Taxes
6th: Rgb Vial Goblins
7th: UWb Landstill
8th: UGW Jank
9th: UGW MeatHooks
10th: Team America
11th: Deadguy Ale
12th: BUG Dredge-A-Tog

My Deck List:
Creature [31]
2 Gempalm Incinerator
4 Goblin Lackey
4 Goblin Matron
4 Goblin Piledriver
4 Goblin Ringleader
1 Goblin Sharpshooter
4 Goblin Warchief
4 Mogg Fanatic
2 Siege-Gang Commander
1 Wort, Boggart Auntie
1 Tin Street Hooligan

sorcery [4]
4 Warren Weirding

artifact [4]
4 Aether Vial

land [21]
3 Badlands
4 Bloodstained Mire
5 Mountain
2 Taiga
4 Wasteland
3 Wooded Foothills


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