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From the Vault: Vaults Announcement April 7, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual, Spoilers.
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[Looks like I fell for this April Fools joke. *shakes fist* Ah well read on for kicks.]

An interesting new collector set announced recently From the Vault: Vaults. Kind of an interesting theme Vaults – an odd sort of collectors edition for sure.

I’m really excited to see Mutavault in the set list. I doubt this will have alternate artwork, but I’m kind of hoping it might because there could be a really great interpretation of Mutavault asa creature.

One really interesting vault card that I didn’t know existed is Time Vault. I’m thinking of some fun cool deck ideas with this card. After some quick searching I’m realizing this is one of the most powerful cards ever made to be locked away in a real vault.

How about cards we already have – Disciple of the Vault. I thought this card might show up in the Exiled release. I actually am running a copy of this in a casual artifact deck I have going. It is a Highlander format so I only get to run one and have yet to cast it.

One card I’m surprised to see on this list is Facevaulter. The little goblin that could.

Finally how about Voltaic Key. Wouldn’t you like to run a few of those in a deck with Master Transmutor.

Here is the complete list of cards in From the Vault: Vaults:

  • Bottomless Vault 

  • Disciple of the Vault 

  • Facevaulter 

  • Hypervault Grasp 

  • Knowledge Vault 

  • Lim-Dûl’s Vault 

  • Mana Vault 

  • Mistform Ultimus 

  • Mutavault 

  • Phyrexian Vault 

  • Spoils of the Vault 

  • Time Vault 

  • Vault of Whispers 

  • Mana Crypt 

  • Voltaic Key


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