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Duels of the Planeswalkers Freeze Frame February 14, 2010

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You may have a hard time seeing what is going on in this photo but I’ve got some crazy amount of power on the board, three rows of creatures and there are a total of 8 Howling Mines on the out. What I’m doing is going for the Overkill achievement that requires you to have 75 total power on the board at one time.

Overkilling Achievers

What you are looking at is my second attempt at this achievement. I don’t think I got it this time, the first attempt got me there, but here is the rub. The game usually freezes when you get to this point. I don’t know if it is the high p/t of my creatures or the fact that so many cards are in play or what. As annoying as it is I find it kind of funny. My Xbox has a 120 drive with at least 70% of free space, but I’m not sure how the temporary memory works with these games.

Anyone else have this problem?

To Be Fair

I could have won this game many times, by attacking with my pumped guys. A 25/25 Master of Etherim is unstoppable in this match up. But letting my board get so out of control was just too much fun.

Duels of the Planeswalkers Around the Web June 21, 2009

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Everyone out there who has had the chance to download Duels of the Planeswalkers… I’m envious. I’ll be returning home at the end of the weekend, so until then I’ve got to rely on the reviews around the web to get my first look at the game. This week I’ll get my hands on some XBox action and bring you my personal review.

The best review I’ve read seemed pretty complete and is on Top 8 Magic by Will Price.

There is an announcement article on the official Magic site by Patrick Buckland, head honcho of the company who made the game. This is kind of interesting as he gets into some game code and the thinking that went into game development.

If you are a fan of the Wizards Wallpapers then check out the Duels of the Planeswalkers page in this week’s Arcana. When you follow this link you’ll also see a sneak peak into M10 cards that have been reprinted in every set set up until now. The Arcana will reveal which of those cards will move on into the new core set over the next few weeks.

Also if you are intersted there is a change to play against some of the big name with Wizard’s “Game with Fame” promotion.

Week of Refreshment June 15, 2009

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I’m going on vacation this week. Which means I’ll have time to do the things I love most that aren’t regular responsibilities. Like writing about Magic: the Gathering!

If you haven’t heard. Last week Wizards of the Coast announced some major rules changes to the game. Most of the changes had to do with renaming of zones and minor tweaks. There is one major change that has to do with combat damage. I think for casual gamers this is going to be an ok change that will make the game less complicated – or you won’t even really notice the tweak. I’ll get my full recap/review of the changes up this week. In the mean time if you haven’t already read the changes you can read the announcement here.

YouTube subscriber knightami asked me when I’m going to get some new magic videos together. Well the answer is soon. I’ve got some plans for videos that I hope you will enjoy. You can look for those in the next few weeks.

Wednesday is a big day as it is the launch of Duels of the Planeswalkers on Xbox. Since I’ll be out of town I’ll have to download the game when I get back. Hopefully I don’t miss out on the foil Garruk promo. Once I get set up I’ll let you know how to get ahold of me and we can duel in game. Or if you need a mentor I’d be happy to help you learn how to play.

In the digital realm I’m also excited about iPhone 3.0 launching on Wednesday. So if you own an iPhone make sure you run your software updater.

Finally I’ve ben playing that Zombi Funeral deck and it has been preforming pretty well. I’ll get you a formal update soon as I’ve made a few tweaks. I’m also wondering if it will be a lot better with the new deathtouch rules.

Duels of the Planeswalkers – Price Annoucement June 5, 2009

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Wizards of the Coast just announced the price for Duels of the Planeswalkers. The price is set at 800 MS points, which according to MS Point Converter is going to be $10.00. Not bad, that is less than an Intro Pack.

I’m not very familair with the XBox Marketplace but I think you can use points earned in other games to make purchaces. If that is true I’ll be able to pick up the game for free. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.

The price does seem kind of low, but I’m guessing that WotC is going to use this game as an easy entry point for gamers. As in, almost give the digital game away, get new/young players hooked, and grow the overall user base. Especially with the whole mentoring thing built in. I’ve got to say it is a creative and fun strategy.

Once I get my copy I’ll publish my user name and we can become XBox friends!

Duels of the Planeswalkers – Release Date June 3, 2009

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If you are like me you have been waiting for Duels of the Planeswalkers with eager anticipation. Well today we finally recieved updates from Wizards of the Coast about the release date, June 17. That is a short two weeks away.

When you click the link above, you’ll find a detailed announcement about game features that were basically aready known. But here are the highlights:

  • Single player dues
  • 8 AI Planeswalkers to battle with preconstructed decks
  • Preconstructed decks have sideboards
  • Nissa Ravine
  • Magic: The Puzzling – in game puzzles (or situations)
  • Player vs. Player via xbox live (gold membership required)
  • Various multilayer modes including Two-Headed Giant
  • An interesting mentor mode
  • Free foil Garruk Wildspeaker (some conditions apply)

41j_garrukThat basically sums it up.

I’m looking forward to this game for when I’m home alone and want to get some games of magic in that won’t eat up too much time. From what I’ve seen the game looks to be built really well and should offer a very smoth transition from table top to T.V.

Poll time. What do you think of Duels of the Planeswalkers?

Nissa Revane – Planeswalker June 3, 2009

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In this week of announcements more is revield about this Planeswalker from Doug Beyer in today’s flavor article. Mostly just some minor flavor and art background on this upcoming Planeswalker. Most importantly it is announced that she will appear in Zendikar (after her debut in Dules of the Planeswalkers).

If you haven’t hear about Zendikar here is the basic release info:


Set Name Zendikar
Three-Letter Abbreviation ZEN
Number of Cards 249
Release Date Friday, October 2, 2009
Prerelease Events September 26-27, 2009
Launch Parties October 2-4, 2009

Previews start on magicthegathering.com September 7, 2009

Design Team Mark Rosewater (lead)
Doug Beyer
Graeme Hopkins
Kenneth Nagle
Matt Place

Development Team Henry Stern (lead)
Aaron Forsythe
Mark Globus
Erik Lauer
Devin Low
Matt Place
Mike Turian
Steve Warner


New Duels of the Planeswalkers Video May 12, 2009

Posted by Norm in Duels of the Planeswalkers.

I just checked in with youtube and the WizardsMTG account just posted a new video for Duels of the Planeswalkers in different languages. Below is the English version. Overall it is a pretty lame commercial, but at least it shows some game play. I was hoping that there would be a release date. I also thought that the website duelsoftheplaneswalkers.com would be updated but it isn’t as of right now.

Duels of the Planeswalkers Sneak Peak March 12, 2009

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I should check my MTG RSS reader before publishing a post otherwise I miss awesome updates like; the Duels of the Planeswalkers sneak peak Bill of TheStarkingtonPost got recently. Looks pretty bad ass. To high light his review here are a few of the features:

  1. Mentor Mode
  2. Leader Board & Mentor Board
  3. Rewards & Achievements
  4. Four player action
  5. Puzzles
  6. Beautiful graphics

I’m really looking forward to this game. Despite the criticism that I’ve heard, I’ve been looking for another way to play MTG (since MTGO and lack of bodies are a problem for me). Anyway check out Bill’s review and check out the official site since it looks like it has been updated.

And if you haven’t heard everyone who buys the game will be mailed a limited edtion foil Garruk Wildspeaker. I’m sure while supplies last.

Duels of the Planeswalkers January 29, 2009

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Looking ahead I’m thinking about Duels of the Planeswalkers for XBox 360. The release date is slated sometime this spring and we really have heard very little about the game. I would have expected to see more information about the cards in the game and the new planeswalker, nissa (sp check).

Perhaps the release of this game is a little lost in the hype of conflux. It does seem odd to me that they chose to release the game now and not during the holiday season.

I wanted to collect all known information about the game to date in this post but alas I just don’t have the time right now. Hopefully I’ll get to it this weekend but with the prerelease I’m not making any promises. 

Below is one of the better videos from MTG Cast. They talk about the game play a little, and I learned there are no damage on the stack tricks in the game.  

Conflux Spoilers Continues December 15, 2008

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I love a new set spoiler season. Each day is like a mini christmas!

There have been numerous postings about this information on MTG Salvation and around the web. Copy Six at MTG Realm beat me to blog on this info, so since I’m kind of busy today, you can read about the World’s Spoilers and announcements on his site. 

The one announcement I’m kind of stoked about is the foil Garuk players will receive when buying a copy of Duels of the Planeswalkers for XBox360. Since I’m already planning on picking up the game this will be an extra bonus for me. I don’t know why they are mailing the card to people when they could just include on in the game packaging. 

One worried thought I have is that the game isn’t that great so that is why they are choosing to give out a good card with the game. Instead of Garuk Wizards should release exclusive copies of Nissa Revane. That would really get the game flying off the shelves.


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