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Shards of Alara Green December 3, 2008

Posted by Norm in Shards of Alara.
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Part of my Shards of Alara exploration, here is my review of selected green cards, found on the full visual spoiler.

Algae Gharial
This is one of the great sleeper cards in Shards of Alara. This is a great card in limited. He just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I could see this in a Nantuko Husk deck for sure, silently getting bigger, waiting for the strike.  

Actually I don’t seem to play with this creature enough. In all the decks I’ve played with recently I don’t think I’ve included it. I could see some cool synergies with Ooze Garden and Mycoloth. 

Court Archers
Another great creature that doesn’t see a lot of attention. The Archers are like a spider with reach and exalted, obviously. This mini wall can go a long way in fortifying your defenses while advancing the attack.  

This is another cool card that people like but I’ve never seen in use. I haven’t seen any new standard Saporling Token Decks since we lost Timespiral.  Even Devouring one creature can turn Mycoloth into a Saporling Assult minus the mandatory attacking. But with a measly two counters on the creature will really be devastating. It will be really hard to get rid of Mycoloth with counters on it. Your opponent will have fewer answers to this guy. The other problem is that once you get Mycoloth on the board with two counters he’ll be big enough to win on his own. Not too shabby. 

Ooze Garden
I mentioned the potential synergy with Algae Gharial and now I’m thinking Mycoloth. Too bad you couldn’t make all your little 1/1 ooze creatures into one big ooze like the slimes from Dragon Warrior.

Honestly I wish that you could activate the ability at instant speed. That would really make Ooze Garden worth playing and something to be feared. Recycling all of your creatures after blocking or attacking would really mess with your opponents game plan. Also it sucks that you couldn’t activate Ooze Garden in response to a burn or kill spell from your opponent. In any case it is a fun card that could have some interesting results. 

Actually now that I’m really thinking about it stealing your opponents creatures and then sacing them to the enchantment might be a viable strategy. Sarkhan Vol anyone, boo ya. Too bad I don’t have any of the planeswalker. 

Rhox Charger
I love this guy. He is a tank.  He will win your limited games and make your opponents fear the pole axe.

Eventide Green/Blue August 13, 2008

Posted by Norm in Eventide.
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Part of my Eventide exploration, here is my review of selected green/blue hybrid cards, found on the full visual spoiler.

Cold-Eyed Selkie
This art was one of the first spoiled during the Eventide build up. Personally I thought it would be a Kithkin/ Merfolk water baby. Oh wait what is a Selkie? Who cares, it draws cards and Islandwalks. Great creature that can give card advantage over blue control decks (assuming you can get it on the board).

Invert the Skies
One of the more interesting combat tricks in Eventide. I do like the idea of giving a huge green treefolk flying. Funny artwork especially the Kithkin hanging on for dear life.  

Overbeing of Myth
Great throwback to Kami of the Crescent Moon. and other card in hand power toughness creatures from Kamigawa. I’ve had this in hand and there aren’t enough card drawing engines right now to really make this guy go nuts. However a build around Mulldrifter, Revellarch and Mistmeadow Witch could be interesting. 

Sturdy Hatchling
This maybe the best guy in this cycle because it can protect itself while it is weak. I’m going to run this guy in some casual decks I have going on so he and Vexing Susher can rub elbows.  

Wistful Selkie
Again if this had persist it would be a much better card. Especially for an uncomon. Still played in a deck with the other green/blue hybrid cards I give it props. Not as scary as Cold-Eyed Selkie but when you can see the monster it is never as scary.

Eventide Black/Green August 7, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Eventide.
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Part of my Eventide exploration, here is my review of selected black/green hybrid cards, found on the full visual spoiler.

There are so many great cards in this group I can barely choose 5 to fit this post. I was also very excited about black/green before the prerelease so now that we can see the full set you can see where my attention has shifted.

Creakwood Liege
This is by far the best liege in Eventide. Dropping 3/3 guys every turn is a huge game changing situation. Of course this guy is really vulnerable to a lot of removal. I still think black green themed decks are great with these guys and one could always use the enchantments to pump this guy. 

Hag Hedge-Mage
I really like this card because it is a great mid game card. It gives card advantage as well as getting back a creature. Also look at that artwork wouldn’t you poop your pants if you had dream where that guy was walking out of a swamp at you. Ya you would.  

Noxious Hatchling
Three things I like about this card: art, name, and cycle. I really like these come into play guys that are small and get bigger. I think they are good for the casting cost as they can become a force. I’ve always like the word noxious; when I was in college I created a fake magazine called Noxious Opus so this kind of makes me reminisce. By now you know I love great artwork and this card is no slouch. 

I’m looking forward to adding this to my Blowfly Infestation deck. This guy gets big but is really really weak for three mana out of the gate.  

Sapling of Colfenor
Hello Treefolk. I’m thinking about running a 70 card treefolk deck, you know just for fun. I do wish that this guy was a little bigger like maybe a 3/5, especially, because, well no reason really he just should be bigger. He hits like a kithkin but stands tall like a Doran.

Eventide Green July 29, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Eventide.
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Part of my Eventide exploration, here is my review of selected green cards, found on the full visual spoiler.

Green overall doesn’t appear as strong as the previous three sets. This may have to do with the major absence of elves. I think this thought mirrors what other people are saying about the set in general. I hate to think of any release as bad but this one is lacking the punches, and green this time around was tough to choose favorites. 

Helix Pinnacle
So I doubt that this will win any games at a FNM, but I do think this will win in a multiplayer game where everyone is gaining ridiculous amounts of life (you know who you are). Of course my casual group does play with a lot of enchantment hate so if I’m going to use this as a relevant strategy I’ll have to have some protection. So fun card maybe could be relevant with Doubling Season.

Monstrify can make itself relevant because of Retrace. I think this is going to be a good card in limited and draft. I think retrace in limited formats is really good over all so we’ll see how it shakes out. 


The next two cards I think are going to be fun cards in mono green casual decks with big green mana. Because they are fun cards with cool abilities but honestly the casting costs are so high only a Dramatic Entrance will otherwise make them playable. 

With above precursor sweet artwork that when this guy drops he’ll be a minimum 6/6 and ready to rip.  

Regal Force
Now here is a big guy that does have a pretty cool reward when he comes into play. Basically we are combining Harmonize with a 5/5 dude (the dude would be 3 mana). So if we look at it from that perspective we are getting a lot of bang for the buck as you are most likely going to have a few other green guys around.  The only problem is that you are probably not going to have enough mana to play any of those other spells on the same turn.

Wickerbough Elder
I think this is a strong card for a common. He can take Wither hits and keep it real. This is also a good outlet for enchantment control. I would consider this a solid mid pack pick in a draft.

Shadowmoor Green White Hybrid May 12, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Part of my Shadowmoor exploration, here is my review of selected green white cards. Found on the full visual spoiler

Over Soul of Dusk
Do I need to spell this out. Protection from 3/5ths of the entire game, for 5 mana. Kind of a bomb. But I’m going to say this here and then be done with it. I think Avatar as a creature type is a bit of a cop out. When I see Avatar I think blog image, I think Second Life, I don’t think Magic: the Gathering. Just kind of a lame creature type in my opinion. 

Rhys the Redeemed
I think this is an awesome late game one drop. Leaves mana open to do other stuff and then start crankin’ on the tokens. 

Safehold Duo
This card is the green/white version in this cycle of hybrid cards and I only want to mention it because of the artwork. Love it.  

Seedcradle Witch
This card is huge. His only weakness is the fact that he is a 1/1. A mix between Giant Growth and Selesnya Guildmage. I may need to revisit a killer saporling deck I built when Ravnica was in standard. 

Wilt-Leaf Cavaliers
Vigilance is hard core in Shadowmoor. It isn’t the best ability but it does involve a lot of creatures that hit hard and have decent casting costs. I think that they brought the cost down on vig for general creatures. Happy hunting.  

Shadowmoor Red Green Hybrid May 12, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Part of my Shadowmoor exploration, here is my review of selected red green cards. Found on the full visual spoiler

Three damage to everything for 3… what more do you want.  

The Conspire cost makes this card a bit of a serious pre-combat trick. Against faeries and if your opponent only has 1/1 guys out you could easily clear the board or swing in for the win. 

Scuzzback Scrapper
This was a good opening card in most games I’ve played. Wither also gives more umph to chump blockers.  

Tattermunge Maniac
I like this guy especially for a 1 drop. I didn’t open any in at the prerelease but I certainly wish I did.

Vexing Shusher
Probably my favorite guy in red/green. I know that one of the most frustrating aspects of playing red or blue is the control in blue counter. Especially when dropping that huge creature and it gets countered for tree mana. 

Shadowmoor Green May 5, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Part of my Shadowmoor exploration, here is my review of selected green cards. Found on the full visual spoiler

Devoted Druid
I like this guy for speed. Technically turn three you could play a five mana guy, assuming you didn’t play Lanowar Evles or Birds of Paradise turn one. Very possible with the hybrid mana guys in Shadowmoor.  










Presence of Gond
I picked this card before learning of the infinite elves combo this guy is involved with.  I thought this is one of the strongest enchantments I’ve seen (in terms of the ability it gives). I don’t remember all the cards in the combo off the top but I’ll let you do some research. If you start here that would be fun but this isn’t the combo I was shown. I’ll get it soon. 









Prismatic Omen
I mentioned this card before. I love it. I’m not sure what impact it will actually have but I see this getting slashed like Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth got splashed. I’d be happy to hear feedback on this card because my guess is that it will have some big impacts. 









Reminds me of Chronozoa with less cost and trample.  Chronozoa is a little better in my book but the Spawnwrithe could start to multiply faster. 










Witherscale Wurm
Just a huge ass guy. Give this guy trample and you are set.  


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