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Alara Reborn – Additional Videos April 21, 2009

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Hybrid and mana cost videos from yesterday’s primer post on the Wizard’s site. These videos are really basic so you can skip them if you are familiar with basic mechanics.

And here is the Cyclin mechanic explanation, again very basic.

Eventide Green/Blue August 13, 2008

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Part of my Eventide exploration, here is my review of selected green/blue hybrid cards, found on the full visual spoiler.

Cold-Eyed Selkie
This art was one of the first spoiled during the Eventide build up. Personally I thought it would be a Kithkin/ Merfolk water baby. Oh wait what is a Selkie? Who cares, it draws cards and Islandwalks. Great creature that can give card advantage over blue control decks (assuming you can get it on the board).

Invert the Skies
One of the more interesting combat tricks in Eventide. I do like the idea of giving a huge green treefolk flying. Funny artwork especially the Kithkin hanging on for dear life.  

Overbeing of Myth
Great throwback to Kami of the Crescent Moon. and other card in hand power toughness creatures from Kamigawa. I’ve had this in hand and there aren’t enough card drawing engines right now to really make this guy go nuts. However a build around Mulldrifter, Revellarch and Mistmeadow Witch could be interesting. 

Sturdy Hatchling
This maybe the best guy in this cycle because it can protect itself while it is weak. I’m going to run this guy in some casual decks I have going on so he and Vexing Susher can rub elbows.  

Wistful Selkie
Again if this had persist it would be a much better card. Especially for an uncomon. Still played in a deck with the other green/blue hybrid cards I give it props. Not as scary as Cold-Eyed Selkie but when you can see the monster it is never as scary.

A Planeswalker’s Primer for Eventide 1: Hybrid July 2, 2008

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Wizards has released a series of YouTube videos to explain the new mechanics and rules in Eventide. This is similar to what they did with Shadowmoor and I thought it was extremely helpful in understanding the new mechanics. 

The first video is an explanation of how Hybrid works in Eventide. It really is exactly the same as Shadowmoor except the hybrid cards are in different (enemy) color combinations. 

New Mechanics in Shadowmoor April 17, 2008

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Here are a few youtube videos from Wizards of the Coast on Shadowmoor’s new mechanics originally posted on magicthegathering.com here.

If you are new to the game these are simple videos explaining these new mechanics. 












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