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Thinking Regionals May 7, 2009

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Like the rest of the competitive magic world I’ve been thinking and starting to prepare for the upcoming Regionals. I think the biggest question on everyone’s mind is what new tech from Alara Reborn can we use that hasn’t been exploited yet. Personally I’d love to throw Glory of Warfare into a Vengeant Winni deck and shuffle up. I don’t think it will be that simple though.

As of right now I’m leanning toward Kithkin as I’ve had the most experience with the deck and I have the cards. I feel that when I loose with Kithkin it is because I keep a bad hand or fall victem to mana issues. So in addtion to it being a good deck I feel confident with it.

So what crazy ideas are you cooking up for regionals?

PTQ Weekend August 24, 2008

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This weekend I played in my first PTQ. I ran Kithkin Mirrorweave and it was certainly one of the more prevalent decks at the event. I had to get there early as I was missing four cards, 3 Stillmoon Cavalier and one Ajani Goldmane. I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to get the Cavalier as it has been very hard to find. So after securing the cards I settled down to make my final deck list decisions. The biggest last minute change I made was to run Unmake main deck and board Oblivion Ring. I think this was a wise decision over all as I only needed the Oblivion Ring for a few specific situations, like Chameleon Colossus (my new nemesis). I saw the Colossus only once during the day so it was defiantly a good decision to run Unmake. It help me considerably especially at instant speed. The only card I wish I would have had was Moonglove Extract as it would have helped in a few situations. My biggest surprise is that I never faced another Kithkin deck all day.

Round one I faced Fairies and I was a little nervous about this because I had struggled with this matchup in play testing. If I didn’t get the right start it is just hard to comeback when the fae has open mana on your turn. Game one I had the advantage and tempo. He dropped an Oona turn six, but I had Thistledown Liege on the board and Mirroweave in hand. I swung in, he blocked, I play Mirrorweave on the Liege, I win. We went to game three but I was able to beat him on the tempo. 

Round two I played Doran Rock. Game one went well as I had the speed and resources available to win. Game two and three I got stuck on two mana unable to play most of the cards in hand. I was frustrated to say the least running 26 total lands that shouldn’t happen back to back. 

Round three was against mono red Demigod. Game one I just didn’t have the right stuff and was beat by pure burn. Game two I mulled down to four cards. I was feeling a little nervous because of the previous match but I wasn’t going to keep a bad hand when I knew I wouldn’t be able to have a chance. Fortunately for me my four cards were ok, two land two creatures. He did get stuck on three land that game but I was able to battle back for the win. Whew. Game three the Kithkin deck hummed like a champ and I easily took the match. 

Round four I think I was matched up against either quicken toast or a commandments variant. I don’t know because I got such an amazing start both games my opponent barely had a chance to play any spells. I don’t know if he kept bad hands or what but I was all agro all go. I did unmake one creature game two to swing in for the win, but I don’t remember what the creature was. 

Round five I was starting to feel good as I had only one major glitch in round two and the deck had performed as expected three games in a row. My oppenent was playing faeries and unfortunately I just couldn’t get an advantage either game. Both games were typical faeries experiences turn two Bitter Blossom, turn four steal one of my guys, beat bash and counter. Sigh. 

Round six I saw a deck completely unexpected, red Elemental Shamans with Rage Forger and Stigma Lasher. Game one he got out faster than me with turn two Stigma Lasher and turn three Rage Forger. Burrenton Forge-Tender doesn’t do much when you are receiving damage from multiple red sources simultaneously. I lost badly and quickly. Game two I was able to get out ahead and stay up on tempo for the win. Game three went much the same as the first. I was just unlucky and I wasn’t fast enough.

Round seven I was in it to salvage the day and finish in the top 32 for prizes. I believe it was against a red Demigod deck. This matchup turned out to be a good one for me and was able to plow through two games to zero. 

The last round was a little frustrating as I squared up against Doran Rock. Game one we both got great starts and the board quickly squared off in a standstill. He was dropping creatures and I was making mine bigger. I really, really needed a spectral procession in order to fly over his elves and Chameleon Colossus. Unfortunately I never saw one. He ended up with Profane Command giving his guys fear and swinging through for lethal. Game one went about 25 minutes so I was  a little frustrated going into game two. Game two got me off to a good start but I couldn’t get my Forge-Tender on the board in time to protect from Firespout. I lost to another Profane Command in the end. It was a long day and I was defiantly feeling the fatigue of the day in the final game. 

So I finished 4-4 over all. 53rd place out of 132. Preparing for this weekend took a lot of energy and as much prep time as I could squeeze in. I want to say thanks to Duncan for play testing with me last weekend as it was really helpful in narrowing down exactly what I was going to play and give me a chance to get a feel for some of the other decks in the format. I’ll post a link to the winning deck lists when Wizards posts it on their site. Probably sometime tomorrow. Here is a link to my deck list via MTG Vault. 

Getting ready for the block PTQ July 31, 2008

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Today I had a chance to think about block constructed. I’m getting ready to play in the PTQ comming up on August 23. I’ll be playing Kithkin Mirrorweave (link to the current cards I own in the deck, I’m working on the final build) and I’m really excited because this deck can pack a punch and I like the way it happens.

What has changed since the original build is Eventide. The addition of Figure of Destiny is baically a must. I’m not sure what I’m going to cut to add this creature but there are a few cards that I don’t think work very well over all. Militia’s Pride is one of them because I think it is a mana drain and only effective in the absolute right situation. I’ve had a few other suggestions to fill this slot (see below) so I’m looking for othe right fit. I know they are out there as I’ve seen some pretty good alterations.

I’m debating on running two or three Thistledown Liege main deck. Two seems like enough with one in the board for situations where I need the creature pump. I also had the suggestion to board Prison Term and main deck Light from Within. I think both of these options make sense. So I need to play test here and experiment.

Tonight I saw a brand new deck using Balefire Liege that brings the fire in a new way. I got spanked game one because I didn’t draw an Oblivion Ring. Game two I was able to out race his burn and creatures by removing the threats and taking the heat. Then next three games he got stuck on one or two lands and scooped within a few turns. Odd turn of events but he was frustated and needed to stop so I really didn’t get to see this deck in its full glory. I suspect that this deck could be a huge sleeper and be a surprise at the PTQ. The biggest weakness I see us against control and counter spells.

So I’ll be tweeking my Kithkin deck over the next couple of weeks. If you have any thoughts on the Kithkin deck please let me know.

Kithkin Wizards July 2, 2008

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Regionals 2008 June 15, 2008

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I participated in my first ever Regionals this year. It was actually a last minute decision to play as I wasn’t prepared with a deck until a few days before. Basically the Kithkin deck list I picked up that week turned out to be competitive. I really had fun playing it as it could be fast and I had some great plays including a turn 5 win during my last match. 

I finished 71st out of 163 participants and 4-4 on the day. As it was my first time at this level of competition I felt that I did ok. With a little bit of play testing and studying of the other decks in the format I could have won at least two of those matches I lost. 

One very exciting element to this regionals is Alex Shefler took third and won an invitation to nationals in Chicago. His deck list is posted here on magicthegathering.com. Alex hangs around my local shop so I was happy to see him make top 8. I’ve asked him to guest write on Casual Magic so look for his posts in the future. 


Arena Tonight June 5, 2008

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Tonight I’m going to play Arena League at CCGs. I earlier today I came across Lee Shin Tian’s Kithkin deck and I have most of the cards so I’m going to give it a shot. I have all but 7 cards in the main deck and what I don’t have is minor (except two Thistledown Liege). I think I have enough to run it and hopefully I can pick up the cards before we start to play. 


I was only able to play one game but the Kithkin is strong, I won easily. I’m thinking I’ll try it at regionals on Saturday. 

Playing with Friends February 19, 2008

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Last night was a fun night. My friends basically had modified versions of Morningtide theme decks Battalion and Going Rouge. I’m thinking about sticking a Kithkin or Elves deck together for them.

Tonight the school magic club is doing a limited Two-Headed Giant with 10th edition. Should be a fun night.  


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