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Alara Reborn – Prerelease & Release card spoilers March 23, 2009

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Thanks to CopySix’s hound dog like research in digging up the spoilers for Alara Reborn‘s Prerelease and Release cards. You can check out his post here. The cards were translated from a French Alara Reborn poster.

Broodmother Dragon

Creature – Dragon (Mythic Rare)
At the beginning of your upkeep, put a 1/1 red and green dragon token with flying and devour 2 into play
Jean-Sebastien Rossbach, *53/145

I just think we found a viable application for Goblin Assault! WOOT!

I’ve got to give Wizards of the Coast a high five for the great work with Dragons in this block. Solid creatures that I really want to collect. Broodmother Dragon is all around awesome. Now if you could only delay your opponent from playing Bitterblossom until turn six…

Knight of New Alara

Creature – Human Knight
Each other multicolored creature you control gain +1/+1 for each of its colours.
David Palumbo, *70/145

I find in interesting that the official knight of new Alara is only green and white, but that is where my criticism stops. Almost like a light within that is going to have some real power in a completely multi colored block. I can’t wait to get my playset of this guy because he is going to be hot.


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