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Devour Persist the Deck List December 2, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Constructed.
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Recently I updated a deck using the devour and persist mechanics in standard right now. I put this deck together in about 10 minutes when I got knocked out early in a multiplayer game a few weeks ago. I got the original idea for this deck from Aaron of BuyMoreCards.net and I really liked the idea and wanted to try it out myself. 

Aaron’s build had featured Grave Pact and the 1/1 guy from shards that gives life when creatures go to the graveyard. I thought those additions were interesting but clunky. I felt they slowed the deck down and contained too many creatures you didn’t want to devour. My goal is to run mostly persist creatures and devour for a big threat on turn four or five. 

Originally I had unearth in this build but I felt that persist is a lot stronger than the unearth ability. The only unearth creature is Dregscape Zombie and he is only worth it because the unearth is one mana. One other iteresting feature of this deck is that it contains only creatures. I’m hoping that the Murderous Redcaps are going to be enough of a damage generator. I actually think that this deck could use some removal spells Nameless Inversion, Resounding Thunder and Soul’s Fire are all good options. 

After updating this deck I ended up playing it against my Blowfly Infestation deck. A tough matchup especially in this deck that uses persist and will have a lot of counters floating around. I was only able to win one of three games. It makes me have continued respect for the blowfly deck.

So I call the deck Persist Devour Beatdown.

New Mechanics in Shadowmoor April 17, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Learn to Play Magic: the Gathering.
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Here are a few youtube videos from Wizards of the Coast on Shadowmoor’s new mechanics originally posted on magicthegathering.com here.

If you are new to the game these are simple videos explaining these new mechanics. 












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