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Planechase Spoilers August 11, 2009

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This week is one of those big weeks of announcements over at Wizards of the Coast. Zendicar textless lands and Planechase spoilers galore. Here are two of the plane cards we got to see on Monday.



Not only did we get to see these cards we also got the rules rundown for these new cards and multiplayer format. I’m gonna sum up the rules in general but make sure you read the official announcement for the complete rundown.

Basically the Planar cards are a new type of card that is not a permanent and resides in its own game zone, the Command Zone. From what I’ve seen the Planar cards each contain two triggered abilities. One that triggers on it’s own  and another that happens when you choose to roll the new Planar Die.


The die rolling feature is one of my favorite new accompaniments to Planechase. Basically at sorcery speed you can choose to roll one of the die, which does not use the stack, but effects of the die roll (ie triggers from the Planar card do use the stack). You can roll the die multiple times per turn but each one after the first (that turn) costs +1 mana each time. So if it is the third time this turn you are choosing to roll the Planar die you must pay 2 colorless mana to roll. Check out the official announcement for the full rules on rolling the die.

Great so how do you actually put a Planar card into the Command Zone? Glad you asked, when you buy your Planechase game pack you will get 10 planar cards that go with a 60 card deck that also comes in the game pack. Naturally you can mix and match decks and planar cards, but you have to start with 10 planar cards per player. They sit in their own stack called your “Planar Deck” and is in a seperate pile from your library. The starting player puts their top planar card into the command zone and that card stays there until a player rolls the planeswalk symbol on the die.

This is a very interesting new take on multiplayer and I can’t wait to try it out myself!


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