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Conflux Prerelease and Release Promo Cards January 15, 2009

Posted by Norm in Conflux, Spoilers.
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I spotted images of the Conflux prerelease and release cards over on Dragon Guardian.com. I haven’t seen these anywhere else so I don’t know where he found them (I will admit I haven’t been on many of the forums recently).

Obelisk of Alara is going to be a really interesting card to see in play. My first thought is that Esper is going to benefit the most from this, but I really didn’t put much energy into thinking about it. 

My brother recently just built a Ravnica Rakdos themed Hellbent deck and my first thought was Malfegor would be a great addition to that deck. I would have liked to see a more juicy release card though. 

I’m a little concerned about all the high casting cost spells that are coming out. From what I’ve seen nothing is going to break fairies or mix up the current crop of competitive constructed decks. We’ll see.

PS. here is a link to a better Malfegor image in the Magic Arcana.


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