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Casual Magic Remembers Scarecrows July 24, 2009

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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This week my apartment is getting a little renovation. Well it isn’t really renovation as much as a fix to the hole in my ceiling because the landlord let a leak go untended. The leak is in our dining room where I also keep a shelf full of magic cards. Now in general I’m pretty good about keeping my cards organized, so when I had to get everything covered up for the demolition it was a short but efficient task for me.

One thing I tend to do is keep deck ideas open on a shelf. This just sort of happens – I’ll get an idea not have all the cards and set it down until I can get back to it. Or I’ll get a deck made play it and then put it on said shelf for easy access. Today while organizing that shelf I found my scarecrow deck from Shadowmoor.

reaper-kingEver since putting the deck away I’ve had scarecrows on my mind. Remember when the creature type was first spoiled? What excitement and speculation was wrapped into that type. Some even said they would bring back affinity. Knowing what we know now that is laughable. Seriously for me scarecrows were such a great idea. I tried playing the deck that sucked for weeks because of my infatuation with Reaper King.

I kept telling myself that Prismatic Omen makes it all possible…

Well since picking up that deck list I’ve got another idea. This maybe possible now thanks to Polymorph and a bit of better deck building on my part. So with out further adieu check out Scarecrow 2.0:

Reaper King x 2
Scarecrone x 4
Scuttlemutt x 4
Heapdoll x 4
Pili-pala x 4
Esperzoa x 4

Prismatic Omen x 2
Polymorph x 4
Innundate x 2
Primal Command x 3
Negate x 3

Forest x 12
Island x 12
(land does need some work :))

So the plan is to get out a Reaper King as soon as I can play Polymorph. Innudate works well with Reaper King because if he is out any creature your opponent plays is ready to fall with your hand full of scarecrows. Primal Command works really well in getting Reaper King, Scarecrone or Esperzoa.



So as I’m revisiting this idea, I’m realizing that this isn’t going to work because I forgot exactly how Polymorph works. Kinda bummed because I thought I was onto something really exciting. Still working out some ideas, like using ponder with more Reaper Kings and more Primal Command. Less creatures…

I’d also like to wish everyone who is at Nationals good luck. I’ve been keeping an eye on some of the coverage via Twitter. I was one match away from qualifying for nats so I’ll be watching with longing eys.

My Favorite Cards in Shadowmoor June 24, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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We’ve had Shadowmoor for a while now and here are the cards I’m most excited about (dollar amounts not considered).

1. Mirrorweave

I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this card and I think I will continue to see it used effectively. 

2. The Leiges’ – all five of them

“Pleas sir may I have another,” and yes the Lieges’ are there with the extra helping. 

3. Prismatic Omen

I think this is going to be a big card for a long time. I really am surprised I haven’t seen it used more.

Scarecrow Deck June 20, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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I know I’ve been promising a Scarecrow deck list and I’m almost there. I’ve looked at some other Scarecrow builds and I think a lot of them lack the proper focus and don’t take enough advantage of Reaper King’s awesome ability. I haven’t seen a scarecrow deck that looked dead on so here is my build. I think limiting the mana sources is a strong move since only the Reaper King has the crazy mana requirement. So prismatic omen is a must not a may here. 

Check out my initial pull of cards that I thought would have a good synergy. Any thoughts and ideas are welcome. 

Blazethorn Scarecrow
Heap Doll
Reaper King
Thornwatch Scarecrow
Watchwing Scarecrow
Wicker Warcrawler
Wingrattle Scarecrow 

Other Creatures
Woodland Changeling
Chameleon Colossus
Changeling Titan 
Game-Trail Changeling
Taurean Mauler
Fire-Belly Changeling
War-Spike Changeling 
Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir 

Other Spells
Prismatic Omen
Umbral Mantle 
Guttural Response
Familiar’s Ruse (maybe would only work with Prismatic Omen in play) 
Springleaf Drum 
Blades of Velis Vel 

Vivid Lands 

The goal of this deck is to get Reaper King out with the help of Prismatic Omen and basically kill every other creature by putting scarecrows in play. Added the few counter spells to protect my guys. I was thinking about running one Teferi to give all my guys flash and instant speed destruction. 

Other ideas since pulling together this list have been Primal Command and either Turn to Mist or Momentary Blink. The latter two spells would be great control elements when I have Reaper King in play. My main concerns are this deck is going to be super slow to get moving. I’m basically going to have to have a Prismatic Omen in hand early or draw land every turn. Anyway this is a rough deck list that I’ll get into shape this weekend and let you know how it goes. 

Blowfly Infestation June 18, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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I just received a request to write about Blowfly Infestation. I’ve had mixed feelings about this card, but I’ll share my general thoughts. 

First I hate it when I see across the table. Especially because I like to play small quick creatures that get pumped, so when I see something that can move -1/-1 counters around doesn’t make me happy. I think this card works well if you are playing a -1/-1 theme keeping those counters in play is going to be a really great tool. I think it would work well with Incremental Blight, Lockjaw Snapper, Scar or other instant that adds -1/-1 counters, and creatures with Wither. Another hidden benefit of Blowfly Infestation is its defense against creatures with persist. You can place counters on that creature so it dies and stays dead also those creatures add -1/-1 counters to themselves. Playing your own creatures with Persist is a great way to get -1/-1 counters on the board. 

So this card is a great utility in a -1/-1 theme. However this card by itself in a deck with marginal -1/-1 counters  doesn’t seem like a strong pick. Without a predictable source of -1/-1 counters you may find this card sitting on the table without much to do. 

Personally I wouldn’t play this card because I think there are better choices out there in regards to bigger badder threats (unless playing a -1/-1 theme). If you are playing with Blowfly Infestation please let me know and let me know how it is working for you. 

Eventide Spoiler Thoughts June 17, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Is it just me or did everyone else think there would be more Eventide spoilers floating around by now. OK there are still about four weeks between now and the prerelease but I know everyone is teething on Eventide. It is like the holy shit before the storm. Even mtgsalvation only has the one rare preview spoiled so far. I really thought that we would see more Eventide this Monday but after viewing today’s articles and still no spoilers I’m assuming we’ll have to wait one more week. 

One thing I have noticed is the revolt from MTGO players who haven’t even seen Shadowmoor yet. The blogs and comments I have read have really been eye opening in the sense that I can’t believe how far behind MTGO is in terms of releases. I understand that there maybe some technical complications to new releases (hence the MTGO building the set article this week), but I’ve got to say I was surprised to learn this is how it goes. So if you are an exclusive MTGO player I’m sorry you are missing out on Shadowmoor, it rocks. 

Anyway I’ll be keeping my eye out for news on Eventide and if you hear about some card spoilers before me. Please send a message. 

Team Draft, Shadowmoor June 13, 2008

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Tonight I participated in my first ever team draft. We were all there for the usual Thursday night arena and a few people were interested in team drafting. So there was no competitive pressure other than the winning team splits up all the rares. 

I was able to draft an unbelevably strong red greed group. I was the only person playing red green so I had a lot of options going around. Pack one pick one was Firespout and I was able to pick really well in my colors until pack three when I opened the red leige, basically sealed the deal. 

I went 2-1 loosing only to a green white deck that beat me because I kept drawing lands game three and made a bad guess on game one. Anyway my team won and we got to sort out a bunch or rares. 

Eventide Spoilers Take 1 June 6, 2008

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Today I woke up to a nice surprise. A link on magicthegathering.com to some Eventide Spoilers

They released a pack of cards with no text other than the card name and rarity (but if you mouse over the rare you get to see the card text, or just look below). 

So it looks like all the rumors about enemy colors are true. Other than that the rare looks spectaular and the art is as beautiful as Shadowmoor. 

Here is the rare, Overbeing of Myth:

and one other card that looks tasty, Snakeform:

And if you want to read more check out the MTG forums tread on this preview. 


Check out my other Eventide posts as I’ll be keeping up to date on the current spoiler info. Or click here for a complete list of my Eventide Spoiler posts. 

FNM – Drafting Shadowmoor May 31, 2008

Posted by Norm in Draft.
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Last night, I was able to make it to my local shop for some Friday Night Magic. This is my first Shadowmoor draft competitively so I was a little nervous about my ability to draft a competitive deck. My fears were put aside when during pack one, pick two I was handed a Demigod of Revenge. After picking Midnight Banshee pick one I felt pretty good about the rest of the draft. I wasn’t able to get anything else of major note. I did pull an early mid pick swans out of one deck (I rarely hate draft but there was the off chance of splashing blue). Anyway I was set pretty well in Red and Black. I could have splashed some green mana but it was unnecessary. I only felt I was lacking red burn and black flyers. Otherwise I felt like I did ok. 

My first two matches went very quick with me going 2-0 both times. My deck just preformed at a superior level. Basically turn 5ish Demigod and I always had the right answers to the threats. One cool play of note during game one, my opponent had a Prismatic Omen on the board and played a turn five Reaper King letting me know he had many scarecrows in his library. On my next draw step I pulled a Smash to Smithereens, suck on that Reaper King. 

But matches three and four turned out to be teh suck for my deck. Match three was a race in game one that I lost, and I was mana flooded in game two. (So frustrating because that was the match against the guy who went 4-0 and I felt I could have beat him if ya ya you get it). The final match I kept a dicy hand game one that didn’t go anywhere and again I just got beat game two.

So I finished 2-2 and surprisingly came in third place out of 10 and won a random Pendelhaven. 

Looking for Eventide May 30, 2008

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If anyone comes across Eventide spoiler information before I do please pass it along. I just did a quick search of my key sources and there doesn’t seem to be much info out there yet. Either I am looking in the wrong place or Wizards is keeping a really tight lid on this expansion set. In what seemed to be a never ending flood of Shadowmoor spoilers I am hungry for what is next. All I could find was the same info as on my previous Eventide post.

First Shadowmoor Type 2 May 29, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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So I’m working on my first Shadowmoor Deck that is Type 2 legal. Because I haven’t been collecting as much as I usually would I’m really behind the competitive edge, in terms of cards I own. The Deck Builders Merfolk deck in my previous post really has me thinking Merfolk, but I really want to play some of the cards I already own for fun. 

So I found something that fits my goals and I will modify a bit. The original Deck List is here found on Essential Magic. Basically Faeries and a few tricks. I’m going to go play test in a bit.

Any thoughts?


After playing a few games here are my thoughts: 

Glen Elendra Liege is nice but really only pumps most of my guys 1/1 not both. I need to add more black blue guys or trade the Leige for Bad Moons. I would do this for speed with the bitterblossom. Maybe I could work in Wasp Lancer or Sygg. 
Not sure about Inkfathom Witch. Nice ability though.

I like Faerie Harbinger but I dont have much to search for in the way of bombs. If I dont have the land for Oona I probably would go for Glen Elendra Liege.

One major hole in this build is no removal. So I’m thinking Nameless Inversion. Although I did set aside a few copies of Peppersmoke and Shreakmaw. Something I could search for with the Faerie Harbinger. 


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