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Zendikar – Textless Basic Lands August 10, 2009

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If there was ever one way to get people excited about a new set innovating on the cards that everyone is going to use is a great place to start, Basic Land. Today in advance of the official Zendikar spoiler season Wizards of the Coast announced textless basic lands to appear in each booster pack and fat pack.

zendikar-planes1 zendikar-planes2

Here are the two spoiled to day in the Archana. There will be a total of four textless lands and I’m assuming four in each color. They are also printing regular old fashioned lands as well. So I’m wondering if you will always get a textless land in the booster pack and fat pack or if you will have random insersts. Also in that fat pack sealed bunch of land are they all going to be textless? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Oh and keep checking back I have a feeling that by the end of the week we’ll see two of each color. I’ll leave you with the two regular art versions.

zendikar-planes1b zendikar-planes2b

M10 Mini Site Has Liftoff June 24, 2009

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If you haven’t visited the official Wizards site today then you missed the fact that the M2010 Mini Site is live.


Complete with the most extensive visual spoiler at the time of mini site launch that I’ve seen. The most recent additons are Vampire Nocturnus and the confirmation of Lightning Bolt.

vampire nocturnus lightning-bolt

Alara Reborn – Glory of Warfare April 17, 2009

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I was just checking my google reader and saw Glory of Warfare for the first time on Top8Magic.com. Wow. This is a must have for my Kithkin deck that I’m probably going to take to regionals. Glory of Warfare makes token decks rethink themselves for sure. Springjack Pasture anyone?

Actually I’m really glad I’ve been collecting Goblin Assault. Whew, Glory of Warfare just made my day!

Alara Reborn – Time Sieve April 15, 2009

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I knew for Alara Reborn to be awesome it was going to have to pack a lot of cards and abilities that really up the anti for the block. So far I’ve been impressed with a number of cards. After viewing today’s spoiler card I am once again in awe of Esper.


I have a feeling Esper is going to be a force and while the ability cost isn’t cheap this card is really going to mix things up. Time Sieve probably has the best chance of any card in recent history of becoming broken. While taking an extra turn doesn’t mean you’ll win the game hands down it does help you set up a number of things while your opponent can only sit and wait. I can’t wait to see what good things are in store for this card.

Alara Reborn Official Spoiler Week 1 April 14, 2009

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Welcome to official Alara Reborn spoiler week. My personal facorite card in the new set is hands down Dragon Broodmother. Revealed in Kelly Digg’s article today.


I cannot wait to build around this card! I’ve now got a use for those Goblin Assault and Crucible of Fire cards that have been collecting dust in my binder. I’m thinking that overall this is going to be an awesome card at the kitchen table. I doubt there are going to be a lot of comptitive builds around this guy. Maybe if the dragon tokens had haste.


Another card we get to see today is Lavalanche spoiled on Robot City.


A more inexperienced version of myself would probably have gone nuts over this card.  I’m think that the three mana cost is a good one here, especially to keep this Chandra esk ablility from going nuts. There could be some cool applications with this in a deck that can ramp to huge amounts of mana and sweep your opponent and board in one fell swoop. I think this is a really good card and will be a great addition to limited formats. Time will tell regarding its constructed application.

Alara Reborn – Sphinx of the Steel Wind April 11, 2009

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Sphinx of the Steel Wind just in via twitter and a heads up from Jacob of Gathering Magic.


The artifact version of Akroma, Angel of Wrath, although we are trading trample and haste for lifelink. Finally a Mythic rare that we can really sink our teeth into. Sphinx of the Steel Wind costs two more than Sharuum and is equal to Sphinx Sovergn. Both of those cards have seen play and are sought after in limited. So by that comparison I would much rather have the Alara Reborn Sphinx over both of those two.

Since this is the equivilant of an artifact Akroma, the casting cost is a lot more difficult. Master transmuter is going to be a huge asset in getting this Sphinx in to play early. Can you imagine a turn 5 Shpinx that need some specific tech to remove. I’ll be surprised if we don’t see this combo at competitive tables as soon as Reborn is legal.


Alara Reborn – Minisite and Orb April 9, 2009

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The Alara Reborn minisite is now up complete with the Orb of Insight, and I have an awesome fire breathing dragon on my blog today! We also have our first look at official spoilers. So hold on to your Legendary Equipment folks this is going to be a fun ride as we see this final Alara set unfold.

From the Vault: Vaults Announcement April 7, 2009

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[Looks like I fell for this April Fools joke. *shakes fist* Ah well read on for kicks.]

An interesting new collector set announced recently From the Vault: Vaults. Kind of an interesting theme Vaults – an odd sort of collectors edition for sure.

I’m really excited to see Mutavault in the set list. I doubt this will have alternate artwork, but I’m kind of hoping it might because there could be a really great interpretation of Mutavault asa creature.

One really interesting vault card that I didn’t know existed is Time Vault. I’m thinking of some fun cool deck ideas with this card. After some quick searching I’m realizing this is one of the most powerful cards ever made to be locked away in a real vault.

How about cards we already have – Disciple of the Vault. I thought this card might show up in the Exiled release. I actually am running a copy of this in a casual artifact deck I have going. It is a Highlander format so I only get to run one and have yet to cast it.

One card I’m surprised to see on this list is Facevaulter. The little goblin that could.

Finally how about Voltaic Key. Wouldn’t you like to run a few of those in a deck with Master Transmutor.

Here is the complete list of cards in From the Vault: Vaults:

  • Bottomless Vault 

  • Disciple of the Vault 

  • Facevaulter 

  • Hypervault Grasp 

  • Knowledge Vault 

  • Lim-Dûl’s Vault 

  • Mana Vault 

  • Mistform Ultimus 

  • Mutavault 

  • Phyrexian Vault 

  • Spoils of the Vault 

  • Time Vault 

  • Vault of Whispers 

  • Mana Crypt 

  • Voltaic Key

Alara Reborn – Legendary Spoiler April 1, 2009

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Late last night I received an email from Wizards PR with an Alara Reborn spoiler card. You can’t imagine my excitement when receiving this news. They didn’t want me to post until today which is why there was such last minute notice. So without further adieu:


First off I bet this is probably the first ever non-rare legendary creature. How amazing is that. I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of this new mechanic in the spoiler forums. I’ll get to discussing the awesomeness of Rick Astley in later posts. I just couldn’t wait to get this out to you guys now.

Alara Reborn – Prerelease & Release card spoilers March 23, 2009

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Thanks to CopySix’s hound dog like research in digging up the spoilers for Alara Reborn‘s Prerelease and Release cards. You can check out his post here. The cards were translated from a French Alara Reborn poster.

Broodmother Dragon

Creature – Dragon (Mythic Rare)
At the beginning of your upkeep, put a 1/1 red and green dragon token with flying and devour 2 into play
Jean-Sebastien Rossbach, *53/145

I just think we found a viable application for Goblin Assault! WOOT!

I’ve got to give Wizards of the Coast a high five for the great work with Dragons in this block. Solid creatures that I really want to collect. Broodmother Dragon is all around awesome. Now if you could only delay your opponent from playing Bitterblossom until turn six…

Knight of New Alara

Creature – Human Knight
Each other multicolored creature you control gain +1/+1 for each of its colours.
David Palumbo, *70/145

I find in interesting that the official knight of new Alara is only green and white, but that is where my criticism stops. Almost like a light within that is going to have some real power in a completely multi colored block. I can’t wait to get my playset of this guy because he is going to be hot.


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