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From the Vault: Exiled March 18, 2009

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Today Wizards of the Coast announced From the Vault: Exiled. Basically this is a special edition set, similar to From the Vault: Dragons (click to see my video).
The set will contain 15 cards that have yet to be named and comes with its own custom set symbol. To help shed some light on what might appear in this set here is link to the banned and restricted list. Since I’ve been around for only 1/5 of Magic’s lifespan I won’t pretend to know what cards will be included in this set. I also have no idea about the artwork above. So please help me shed some light on this release.

Alara Reborn Fat Pack & Booster Box Spoiler March 12, 2009

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If you haven’t had a chance to check out the Alara Reborn Fat Pack and Booster box today that means you missed the Magic Arcana as well. I still feel like Conflux just released yesterday, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to this all gold set. I keep looking at the top of the booster box wondering what those images really look like since they will probably resemble some of the mythic rares in Alara Reborn. It looks like there are only three packs they are revealing at this time. Unless there are only three pack images.

Alara Reborn: Into Pack Konichiwa March 11, 2009

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This morning I got an email from CopySix that images of Alara Reborn Intro Packs have been spoiled.
I think it is safe to say that this will indeed be an all gold set. Check out all the large images on MTG: Realm since he told me about it. But before you go just know that these are the Japanese version of the intro packs.

The artwork that intrigues me the most is the Sky Army Box with Fillegree Angel. How awesome are those wings? Pretty awesome.

I also think the Deathbringer Thoctar looks pretty bad ass. However I’m still concerned about casting costs. Like conflux these crazy costs, in my opinion, are just too much. We’ll see.

Alara Reborn: Ardent Plea March 9, 2009

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While you were sleeping Wizards of the Coast uploaded a spoiler for Alara Reborn, Ardent Plea.

[note: I wrote this post and then somehow it dissapeard when I originally published - I rewrote as best as I could recal.]

Word on the street is that we are looking at Elspath recieving divine intervention of sorts. I’d say some sort of blessing of the sword is what is happening. I’ve seen speculation that this enchantment will put angel creature tokens into play. I’m not so sure about that because if that were true I think this would be a rare card.

I’ve got a few theories on the abilities Ardent Plea will grant, but I do think they will grat abilites to creatures. One idea is to grant lifelink/shroud to creatures you control. That is kind of boring so how about something more exciting. Creatures you control could receive exalted/flying, which would be particularly awesome, especially in token deck. My first thought after seeing the card today was something like creatures get +2/+0 and are artifacts in addition to their other types. I thought that because of the sword in the image and the fact that the Shards are coming together, overlaping esper and bant.

Another wild idea is that planeswalkers you control get shroud or some sort of protection ability.

From a flavor perspective I wonder who Elspath is making a plea to? Nicol Bolas? Another angel or planeswalker perhaps?

Anyway awesome artwork to spoil first.


And I almost forgot about this bit of news from The Magic Sock Podcast. He recieved 10 gold chocolate coins from Wizard’s PR firm working Magic. Check out the link and let me know what you think. Personally I think this is a really clever way to get the internets talking and speculating. My first thought here is that there is a connection to Rhox War Monk. The old pancake flipper fiping up some chocolate.

Conflux – Knight of the Reliquary January 26, 2009

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In the sea of five color creatures that are running rampant in Conflux I’ve got to take pause and say Knight of the Reliquary is awesome. This guy is going to be so efficient in fixing mana and thinning out your unneeded land late game. I see this guy being the most efficient in limited (at least right off the top) insuring your late game to not give you a land flood. 

Do I see a deck synergy with Countryside Crusher? You bet, although finding the right mana base is going to be the key. Off the top I’d love to make a crusher deck with the Knight and some other funky creatures. At one time I thought there would be good synergy with Noggles. We’ll see.

Master Transmuter, My New Girlfriend January 21, 2009

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Hi guys I’d like to introduce you to my new girlfriend, Master Transmuter

We’ve been flirting ever since her artwork was spoiled back in August. I would bring her a Lotus Bloom and she would give me a Loxodon Warhammer. I’d pick her up at the Arcane Sanctum and we’d head over to the Seaside Citadel for coffee and perogies. Tezzeret is pretty pissed about this and all. They basically grew up together and he always thought, well you know. Sorry Tez.

Conflux – Apocalypse Hydra January 20, 2009

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Finally a mythic rare that seems playable. Certainly draft-able. Before I read the rules on this card I was scared that they were going to be too complicated. But I was wrong on this one. I see a creature that is playable on turn three (not that you’d want it that early) but an effective killer. 

Lets say you are attacking your opponent and you get in for four damage and he’s at two life. As long as you’ve got the mana you can easily finish him off. The same goes for a pesky creature or planeswalker that you need to keep in check. So cheers to Wizards for a mythic that, as for the moment, seem potentially relevant. If only Apocalypse Hydra had trample. 

Also yesterday the Magic Arcana showed us a look at the Conflux tokens. What is going to make angels?

Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker Officially Official January 19, 2009

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The first week of Conflux spoilers are kicking off today at Magic: the Gathering.com. They couldn’t wait any longer to spoil this guy. Nicol Bolas is going to be a hot card for sure (click that link for the flavor backstory).

I wonder if Sarkhan Vol isn’t a little stronger in comparison. You can play him in half the time, Sarkhan’s second ability is stronger for sure and the third is game over for your opponent if they can’t block the fliers. Both Planeswalkers take the same amout of turns to get to ultimate. Bolas has the advantage of not dyeing the first time it can pay the  ultimate cost. Also if both Planeswalkers hit the board at the same time, I’m assuming Bolas’s first ability can take out Sarkhan.

I’m just not sure Bolas’s casting cost is going to be worth it. Perhaps there is going to be some sort of herald for him.

Conflux Prerelease and Release Promo Cards January 15, 2009

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I spotted images of the Conflux prerelease and release cards over on Dragon Guardian.com. I haven’t seen these anywhere else so I don’t know where he found them (I will admit I haven’t been on many of the forums recently).

Obelisk of Alara is going to be a really interesting card to see in play. My first thought is that Esper is going to benefit the most from this, but I really didn’t put much energy into thinking about it. 

My brother recently just built a Ravnica Rakdos themed Hellbent deck and my first thought was Malfegor would be a great addition to that deck. I would have liked to see a more juicy release card though. 

I’m a little concerned about all the high casting cost spells that are coming out. From what I’ve seen nothing is going to break fairies or mix up the current crop of competitive constructed decks. We’ll see.

PS. here is a link to a better Malfegor image in the Magic Arcana.

Conflux Fat Pack Attack December 18, 2008

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Today I wake up to Conflux in my Google Reader. Didn’t I say spoiler season is like the 60 days of Christmas. Anyway. Take a look at the box and art. Thanks wizards for the previews now I can get back to wondering when we are going to start seeing some card previews.

One news of note about this round of Fat Pack; there will now be 8 booster packs. Everything else is standard fair. 


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