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Zendikar – Textless Basic Land Forest August 14, 2009

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The week of textless concludes today with forests. Now keep in mind there are 10 more textless lands we haven’t seen yet. I expect we’ll see them as we get closer to the spoiler season. As I’m sure Wizards got a nice bump in Arcana traffic this week with those lands.

zendikar-textless-forest1 zendikar-textless-forest2

zendikar-textless-forest1b zendikar-textless-forest2b

If you are looking for wallpapers of any of the spoiled lands then follow the link to today’s arcana post and you will be rewarded. However if you are an iPhone user I’d suggest just grabbing the art that is provided each day because the aspect ration is just about right and it looks better with out any logos or clunky dates.


Zendikar – Textless Basic Land Swamp August 12, 2009

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This week is like the 5 days of Christmas in August. Textless Basic Sawmps out today.

zendikar-textless-swamp1 zendikar-textless-swamp2

And their counterparts.

zendikar-textless-swamp1a zendikar-textless-swamp2a

Tomorrow we’ll get to see mountains!

Zendikar – Textless Basic Land Island August 11, 2009

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As promised more textless land spoilers from Zendikar.

zendikar-textless-island1 zendikar-textless-island2

And here is the regular version:

zendikar-textless-island1b zendikar-textless-island2b

But before I let you go I want to take a closer look at the first full art, and contemplate a comment cadenadebronce3 left yesterday,

Now, I know what that strange pyramid expansion symbol means… it shows the poligonal structures that apppear in Zendikar lands… what about talking about an Azthec theme in Zendikar?… I think that’s not the theme as I suspected… Now I see a real mystic and mathematical plane with a theme based on randomness or rolling dies or something like that… What do you think about it?

Seems like a valid and interesting theory to me.


Zendikar – Textless Basic Lands August 10, 2009

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If there was ever one way to get people excited about a new set innovating on the cards that everyone is going to use is a great place to start, Basic Land. Today in advance of the official Zendikar spoiler season Wizards of the Coast announced textless basic lands to appear in each booster pack and fat pack.

zendikar-planes1 zendikar-planes2

Here are the two spoiled to day in the Archana. There will be a total of four textless lands and I’m assuming four in each color. They are also printing regular old fashioned lands as well. So I’m wondering if you will always get a textless land in the booster pack and fat pack or if you will have random insersts. Also in that fat pack sealed bunch of land are they all going to be textless? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Oh and keep checking back I have a feeling that by the end of the week we’ll see two of each color. I’ll leave you with the two regular art versions.

zendikar-planes1b zendikar-planes2b


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