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Draft Lorwyn, Morningtide, Morningtide February 17, 2008

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Today I drafted in Oberlin, OH at Infinite Monkey Comics & Games. I’m assuming most of the guys were Oberlin College students. There were a few really good players there and some who seemed average, but there was no one who didn’t know what was going on.  There were 17 of us total which forced five rounds of play today. This was a problem for me because I was only expecting four max and I needed to leave early to see my brother’s basketball game. I finished the day 2-2  and droping match five.

I thought my deck would be decent. Basically drafting blue/black faeries and a few goblins. I didn’t see any bombs but flash flyers and six removal including Fodder Launch, Warren Weirding and Violet Pall. I drafted four Final-Sting Faerie over Latchkey Faerie (I usually had to make a choice in a pack), and if I had to choose again I would have taken more Latchkey guys because paying that prowl cost for a 3/1 flyer with card draw would have been better in most of my matches. Overall I think my deck worked well despite the lack of power faeries and support cards for this type of deck.

Round 1: I faced off against an older player who had to be in his 40’s. He and his son drove over 30 minutes to play at Infinite Monkey. So hats off to him playing magic with his son. He had a three color deck that splashed white (for removal only, I think). Game one he dropped a bunch of mirfolk and milled all my removal. He just outran me with creatures and I wasn’t drawing threats. Game 2, I saw is first white mana drop turn two and no blue mana until I had things well under control with my faeries. Game three went the same way and I had him under control removing anything major.

Round 2: My paring was against a guy who is working on his local city champs title. He was a cool guy and had a sick elves deck. Basically the lesson I learned today is how to make a killer elves deck in draft. The kinship abilities with elves putting counters and wolves into play is really hard to stop. I lost 0-2 with little or no resistance. Although I did have one great play when I killed a bunch of 1/1 elf tokens by playing Peppersmoke on a 2/2 guy who gave +1/1 to other elves. Then playing and sacking Festercreep. It was a great play but wasn’t enough.

Round 3: I saw almost the same elf deck again. This deck wasn’t as strong and we went to game three and I just didn’t preform well enough.

Round 4: Showed me a similar blue/black faerie deck. Game 1, I lost after constantly being behind. I kept an iffy hand and saw a lot of discard and never got enough creatures on the board. I was able to get tempo advantage and keep it in games two and three. The main think I learned in this game is that proper discard cards can go a long way in draft. But I would probably draft a threat or kill spell over a discard spell. I may rethink this later in a draft when my deck is forming up.

Well this has been a long first post. Next week the school magic club is doing a limited two headed giant tournament with 10th edition. Should be fun.  



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