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10th Edition Two-Headed Giant February 20, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Tonight the AiP Magic club played limited Two-Headed Giant with 10th edition. It was actually a lot of fun because everyone really had the same type of cards with few variances in the rares.

My team went 2-1. I was playing G/U and my teammate B/R. We didn’t have much in blue except for a few fliers and three dehydration, so we cut it out of the mix. We lost game two late in the game when our opponents kept dropping big flying guys. We had a Plague Wind that would have been the game changer for us. Except we were one mana short. Funny that Plague wind is so expensive when Damnation or Wrath of God is less than half the cost.



1. tomekwojcik - March 3, 2008

I think that Plague Wind is that expensive because it can turn out to be a life-saviour. Damnation or Wrath of God can of course change the game for you, however they do not guarantee your victory, whereas properly used Plague of Wind (if it isn’t countered in any way) gives 99% of chance to win.
That doesn’t change the fact, that 7G and 2B is in fact a lot of mana :).

2. Norm - March 4, 2008

It is a game changer and would have guaranteed our victory in that game. Ah well. I was thinking about running a Plague wind in another deck I’ve recently made that is black greed discard, featuring Mortivore.

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