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Black Control March 12, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Standard.
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Last post I wrote about my G/B control. I played at the Thursday night Arena and got whooped.  The next night I played the Friday Night Magic event. Keeping the same core of the deck but working on making it more efficient. I recieved a suggesstion from one of the guys who I have a lot of respect for. He said to drop the green, I agreed. Most opening hands I held decent cards but the wrong mana. Removing Green also seemed like the right choice because it worked really slow in the deck and was meant to support the control aspect, but didn’t have the steam I needed.

Green was out.

So I switched to straight Black for the FNM event. My first problem that night is I didn’t get out of work until after six with FNM kicking off at seven. I rushed home and quickly looked for the cards I wanted to add and honestly I barely made it to the shop before they started and if it wasn’t for a computer fowl-up my deck wouldn’t have been ready in time. I basically added Festercreep and Moonglove Changeling. I wanted to add Shriekmaw but I forgot it is an uncommon and I was looking for it in my rare binder.  Anyway. I lost the first two games pretty badly. Muligins and slow starts couldn’t deal. My second game I played against a R/B aggro deck that only ran one or two creatures so my creature control was useless.

Game three I played a guy who was running Megrim and The Rack (as was I) but he had no win condition, except for some really hard to make combo. I thought he would be better than that. I won 2-0 but we played 4 games for fun and I easily beat him each time. Match four also came as an easy win. As I played against a guy who had a lot of creatures but no real serious attempt to win at FNM. So I was able to kill him off playing Damnation once and pulling Mortivore etc.

I really had a lot of fun playing this deck but it is no match for the good decks in standard constructed right now. It might be a really good deck to keep for big multiplayer events but one on one it is out.

The deck that won the FNM is AiP’s very own Turrel playing B/U faerie rouges. Basically U control. It was awesome to see some of my AiP guys tear it up at my local shop. They are definitely better magic players than me.

On a side note I feel bad because I’ve been too busy with things recently to attend a regular AiP club magic meeting. I think next week is out for me too. I’ll get back into it and make it up to them. Here is a link to the club site that I created. It doesn’t have much info but there really isn’t much to say anyway.  



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