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Learn to play MTG: Part 2 April 13, 2008

Posted by Norm in Learn to Play Magic: the Gathering.
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Again lets start with the video:

I think part two does a good job of explaining certain characteristics of each color. As I’m sure you can tell this video glosses over a lot of information in a quick video. What I would add to this explanation of each color is that these guys are talking about the colors in a more conceptual/feel aspect of the game. Not that they are incorrect but the video makes each color feel, emotional is the best word I can think of. 

They also gloss over certain aspects of one card, a creature card. If you had no idea how to play magic and you only saw this video then you would be in trouble. Fortunately it is part of a series and this is the internet there are millions of magic videos, blogs, and resources online. 

If you are a new player and are feeling a little overwhelmed at which core set to by then I would suggest green. Because green has a lot of strong suits, doesn’t get to complicated and hits hard early and late game. Simple and fun. 

One other thought I had after watching this video is the difference between beginner, expert and core set cards. First off don’t focus on this terminology, it is confusing and once you get familiar with the game you won’t even consider expert vs beginner on a pack. But in a nutshell here is what each means:

  1. Beginner – packs marked with beginner are usually from a core set, and are a watered down version of the game that gives you all the fun and excitement without the complexity or sense of defeat (that comes later).
  2. Expert –  Magic is simple at heart, but can quickly go deeper into rules and card scenarios. How deep does the rabbit hole go you wonder? Really deep is the answer. 
  3. Core Set – So core set is what is the literal core set of all the cards created in the game (I said this above). Wizards of the Coast update the core set every so often to keep current with new sets that are released and keep the game balanced. 
I’ll be back with Learn to Play Magic: The Gathering (Part 3).


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