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New Media Magic or The Council of Odin April 13, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Yesterday marked the second Saturday in a row the PGH new media crowd has been meeting for Magic: The Gathering. For some it is dusting off old cards and old skills, for others it is learning how to play the game for the first time, and for me it is thrashing on a bunch of newbs. **deep dark laughter** Ok seriously it’s another way to connect with my friends and enjoy a game that we all love to play. Some of the comments I’ve heard are “I never thought I would be playing magic again” or “I’ve always wanted to get into the game but never did.” So for whatever reason people are showing it is has kept us up past 3 am two weeks in a row. Next weekend, PodCamp DC and Shadowmoor prerelease. What will the new media crowd choose.

At these games I’ve been playing stuff from Kamigawa block. Basically one white life gain deck with lots of flyers and (newly made) Blue/Black Legendary deck with Soramaro, First to Dream and Meloku the Clouded Mirror. This format gives me the chance to build decks and have fun that isn’t as serious as my typical FNM group. The decks did do well but they are a little slow, which is ok in this group format. 

One other fun fact about these nights is the fact that we have been streaming video of the room on blogtv.com. The next time we play I’ll post a link the room with chat so feel free to drop in and say hi. More photos of the night on Dawn’s flickr stream.



1. Dawn - April 13, 2008

You know how long it’s been since I’ve been called a n00b?! I hope you realize that this is fast becoming an addiction for me, and as well it should! Good games, good time with friends, and what’s better than that?

Don’t you worry Norm… Once I have my Deck of Doom constructed, it’s on! 😉

Seriously, thanks for bringing this back to all of us… you can see just how much we all revel in it!

2. Michael - April 14, 2008

There’s not a lot better than spending time with good friends. And yeah, it’s looking to become a hobby/addiction for me too.

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