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Learn to play MTG: Part 4 April 16, 2008

Posted by Norm in Learn to Play Magic: the Gathering.
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Part 4 jumps right into gameplay with a blue vs white faceoff. 

This video walks you through actual gameplay. You get a sense about each part of a turn; upkeep, draw, main phase, combat, second main phase.

When you are first learning to play all the parts of a turn tend to run together. That’s ok, if you are playing with someone who is more familiar with the game hopefully they are helping you get up to speed. Also feel free to bring a few notes to the table. With a little experience you have all this down and it will become second nature.

Also you maybe wondering why it is important to know all the parts of a turn in such detail. As you gain experience as a player, you may want to take advantage of more complex strategy and abilities. Use of these methods usually requires you to respond at a very specific moment in the game. Hence the need for deeper understanding or for no other reason than to prevent some fool from pulling a fast one on you.

OK back to the action in the video. Each player starts with 20 life and the goal of the game us to reduce each opponent to zero. Each player draws seven cards to begin the game. The player who takes the first turn doesn’t draw a card that turn. The other player does draw on turn one.

This is the first time you really see the importance of casting costs. Early in the game you will only be able to play spells with casting costs that are one, two or three mana. I don’t know if you caught when Alexia played Sleight of Hand she kept that big creature. Mahamoti Djinn has a casting cost of 6, so it would have been a minimum of six turns before playing that guy. I don’t know all the other cards she had so it may have been the right play. I’m just saying keep this in mind a you choose your opening hand.
Now are you ready to try your hand at a little gameplay? Ok so I didn’t need to ask. Follow this link.  And you will go to the play magic site, click learn to play. You can download a free learner game that takes you through each step of the turn, casting costs, game zones, and play an opponent. It is for PCs only, but it is a lot of fun and a good way to learn.

Next I’ll be back with Learn to play MTG: Part 5.



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