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Shadowmoor White May 1, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Part of my Shadowmoor exploration, here is my review of selected white cards. Found on the full visual spoiler

Goldenglow Moth
I like this guy even though he isn’t going to be a game changer. Solid turn one drop and can block some of the heavy fliers in standard. The moth would be better with flash. My old roommate would love this guy as a 4 life gain for 1 is right up his ally. 









Inquisitor’s Snare
I feel that this is a solid combat trick for white. Cool artwork.  












Kithkin Rabble
There are a whole series of these for each color and I don’t remember if each casting cost is 4, but I really dig the art on this one.  











Order of Whiteclay
This card just makes the kithkin tribe stronger. You drop Wizened Cenn on turn two and he’s killed turn 5, Order of Whiteclay just rings him back. Pulling a trick like this while blocking is really a fun move.  










Prison Term
Is better than Faith’s Fetters for less. Even though you don’t gain the life I always felt the Faith’s Fetters life gain was just gravy on a solid control card. Given the fact that you can shift Prison Term between opponents creatures is awesome. Here is why. Lets say I play Prison Term turn 3 on a creature I know isn’t that big of a threat, but it’s my opponents only creature. Any other pacifism would be wasted. In this case I can move Prison Term to a larger threat any time my opponent chooses to bring one into play. 







Runed Halo
I’m going out on a limb here since I don’t play legacy or extended, but I really think Runed Halo will be a big card there. Providing protection to said game ending card could really be a big turn in the format. Like I said I don’t play the format and there is probably enough enchantment hate to clean Runed Halo out of the game. Extirpate or Counterbore anyone. 



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