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Shadowmoor Blue May 2, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Part of my Shadowmoor exploration, here is my review of selected blue cards. Found on the full visual spoiler

The blue Extirpate, except for the mana cost. I do think this card will be very strong because you don’t need the target spell to be in the graveyard to remove it from the game. Also this is an instant and can be played on your opponents turn. I hope to net a play set of these soon. 









Knacksaw Clique
I like this Faerie for two reasons. Naturally the Faerie has flying so the evasion is awesome for attacking, which will tap Knacksaw Clique. Second is the defense. Untap to mill and block an attacking creature is really a lot of bonus for one creature. The kicker is you can do it every turn. 









Leach Bonder
The Leach Bonder isn’t as strong as Knacksaw Clique but it does provide for potential creature kill while making your guy bigger. I just really like this guy for 3 mana.  










Puca’s Mischief
Again more really strong blue control. My first thought was that this is too complicated, but you can really build a great deck around this especially if one of your creatures has a pacifism effect. 










River Kelpie
I don’t think that River Kelpie is going to be a big card in constructed but I do like this guy. Will probably be a great guy in multiplayer. I just like these abilities and wish he didn’t cost so much.










Savor the Moment
This card is going to be awesome. Especially for tempo. Three mana on a second main phase. Especially combined with Puca’s Mischief could be an game turning play.  










Spell Syphon
I think blue is really strong in Shadowmoor and this card will be a must in any blue standard constructed deck from now on.  I like the artwork but I don’t think it represents a counter spell very well. 



1. Bruno - May 29, 2008

Good stuff. We play casual, so Savour the Moment with the old card Turnabout could be quite strong, especially late game when there’s lots of mana available.

2. Norm - May 29, 2008

Bruno, Nice play. That would be especially devastating. Wouldn’t it be something in a multiplayer game if you had two of each card in hand with enough mana to play them back to back.

3. xhitz - April 2, 2009

what is good for instant set card pls help

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