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Shadowmoor Black May 3, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Part of my Shadowmoor exploration, here is my review of selected black cards. Found on the full visual spoiler

First I need to say black in Shadowmoor has awesome artwork. There wasn’t one card that I thought was out of place. Cheers to the Magic Art Department on that one. 

Cinderhaze Wretch
This guy costs a lot but he has some good abilities. I don’t know the history of this card but it seems like a pre untap card. I would have really liked this guy back in Timespiral. Especially with all the madness. 










Corrocive Mentor
Killer art work. Wither is nice too. 












Hollowborn Barghest
I just really dig this card. I think it would be a fun card in multiplayer. It reads almost like an enchantment but hits harder than a dragon. If only there was a trample, flying or shadow effect for this guy.  










Polluted Bonds
Make it hurt, make it hurt. I would only run two of these in a deck but if you could drop on turn 5 and 6 could be a serious game changing situation. Especially in multiplayer.  











Puppeteer Clique
This is a great late game drop. Especially for black since you will probably be removing some major creatures from the game. A 3/2 flyer isn’t that great but getting something that could really put a hurt on your opponent is a great advantage.  



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