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Shadowmoor Black Red Hybrid May 10, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Part of my Shadowmoor exploration, here is my review of selected black/red cards. Found on the full visual spoiler

Demigod of Revenge
Really strong card. Even without the return to play effect a 5/4 flying, haste is baller. I was playing with one of these guys at the release event and I won most games I had him on the table. 










Everlasting Torment
I really like this card because it says, “I know I’m going to win. I know my deck is going to beat you down extra hard.” I see this working really well with persist and other effects that bring guys back from your graveyard. 










I know we’ve all seen this but I think it is a good little trick for the right mana cost.  











Sootstoke Kindler
I know not a bomb but a good card if you are bringing out multiple creatures in a turn. I used this well with Ashenmoor Gouger at the release event. This guy can really speed things up especially since you can bring the Sootstoke Kindler and another creature into play on the same turn and give the other creature haste. 








Spiteful Visions
I’m looking for interesting ways to use this card. It has been said that he is the core of new draw engines. We’ll see.  



1. Chris - June 18, 2008

What do you think of the Murderous Recaps? I wanted to construct a deck around them using Mad Aunties from Lorwyn as boosters. Suggestions?

2. Norm - June 19, 2008


I think that Murderous Recaps is a great card. It is very efficent in taking out creatures and the persist ability is really strong. If you have a leige in play you can deal more damage when it comes into play, Mad Aunties would also give it a boost.

I’ve seen Murderous Recaps used in many decks and multiple times at the Regionals this month. You might also want to try with Blowfly Infestation that I wrote about in another post (https://casualmagic.wordpress.com/2008/06/18/blowfly-infestation/).

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