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Shadowmoor Artifacts pt 2 Scarecrows May 26, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Part of my Shadowmoor exploration, here is my review of selected Scarecrow cards. Found on the full visual spoiler. I was really excited about the idea of an all Scarecrow deck when the Shadowmoor spoilers were slipping out. Ever since I’ve reviewed the Scarecrows in depth I’ve learned that this creature type can be splashed at best in a competitive Type 2 format. Otherwise I have a few ideas with changelings that basically revolve around the Reaper King.  

On the whole I think Scarecrows cost to much to be really worth it. Aside from Lurebound Scarecrow, Painter’s Servant, Pili-Pala, and some of the color relevant guys most of the scarecrows just seem to cost to much. 


Grim Poppet

I think that this is probably the most powerful Scarecrow short of the Reaper King. But a 7 mana guy that is only a 1/1 when it comes out is really awkward in my opinion. I think this rare should cost 4 mana and if it did it would be a much better card. 









Lockjaw Snapper

I like this guy especially if you are using -1/-1 counters as a theme of control. Because of the lower casting cost I see this guy as much more playable than the Poppet. But again still a lot of mana for a 2/2. The Wither ability almost makes it worth it. 










Overall a decent card with three abilities (technically two) and for two mana is a bargain. Flying for two mana on any card is standard, untap on a flyer (or any evasion ability) is really strong in by opinion. I consider untap and adding mana a two for one. While you might need to untap when you don’t want to play any mana abilities or spell. I still think it is super strong one of my favorite of the Scarecrows. 







Scrap Basket

I see this being an OK late pick in limited. Especially if you are playing with creatures who thrive off of multiple colors under your control. Otherwise this was an annoying card that showed up too often in the box I shared with some locals. 










I hate to sound like a broken record, but finally a Scarecrow who feels balanced. Two good abilities at a fair mana cost. Stronger than an elf and will help speed up your 5 mana drop game changer.



1. carmanavenue - May 30, 2008

Didn’t I see you buy a Grim Poppet tonight?

2. Norm - May 30, 2008

Maybe I did and maybe I did. Despite my sadness at the high casting costs of scarecrows I do I have an idea for a deck with some mana fixers. I don’t see it being super competitive but it should be fun in our group format.

3. Baddog - June 7, 2008

Wow those are some bad ass scarecrows.

4. Norm - June 9, 2008

Baddog, I couldn’t agree more. I’m planning on building a scarecrow deck this week. I’ll post the deck list when I’ve got it.

5. the guy who knows better - June 10, 2008

i think you severely underestimate the scrapbasket !
in a scarecrow deck, this card is what makes the whole thing work for you. being able to give ALL your scarecrows ALL their abilities at once is what he’s all about and being able to do it for 1 mana is rediculous.

6. Norm - June 10, 2008

I actually was thinking the same thing myself. In a Scarecrow deck this really does change the situation.

However in a deck other than Scarecrow I really don’t think a 4 mana drop 3/2 with said ability is going to help you win. It would be a very situation based card with the greatest potential to receive a 2/2 pump from one of the liege creatures.

That is really what I was referring to. In a draft format I would pass on Scrapbasket until late in the pack.

7. Scarecrows are flawless!!! jk - July 1, 2008

Well if you didnt notice.. The grim poppet and the lockjaw are a great combination, especially if your running a -1/-1 counter control scarecrow deck, the mana cost is only high because you can use that ability as soon as it comes into play, well thats what I think so yeah, the 7 mana cost would be worth it, and plus scuttlemutt also helps provide mana, so really there isnt a complaint. and btw, you forgot to mention Painter Servant its probably better then scrapbasket because its permanent as scrapbasket isnt., but you should run both in the deck it helps out alot.

8. Scarecrows are flawless!!! jk - July 1, 2008

Oh snap QUESTION!!!!!!!!!

Grim poppet comes into play with counters right.. so basically when you used it all up, cant you turn to mist him, and when it comes back into play it says, he gets those 3 counters?!?!?!? dude if so stack that with lockjaws ability, and such wow, that would fucking own!! sorry for swearing but wow.

9. Norm - July 1, 2008

That would be cool. I’ve got a scarecrow deck that I’m working the kinks out of and I do run both Grim Poppet and Lockjaw Snapper. The main problem that I see with scarecrows is that they are sooo slow. My mana base is blue green and I’m running prismatic omens. I need some way to draw more cards faster to get an Omen and Reaper King by turn 5. I’m currently running mulldrifter but I’m thinking about replacing with harmonize.

Also Momentary blink has been far better than Turn to Mist. But if we are talking block then that would be the best bet. Also Mistmeadow Witch is an outlet there. Check out my Scarecrow build post for my first thoughts on a deck. I’ll have an update soon.

10. David - July 9, 2008

Running a Scarecrow Type 2: don’t have grim Poppet YET, but just pulled scrapbasket out today after much playing found it redundant to run him and scuttlemutt. Base mana is green/black for card retrieval i use diabolic tutor and harmonize i rarely want for a card. academy ruins works for card retrival and scuttlemutt makes the blue mana i need for those moments when reaper king dies coming out to a waiting naturalize. Loxo warhamers bring on the pain and life gain and tatterkite laughs at wither decks. still working on the slow start but if you can make it long enough to drop reaper king people cry.

full deck list

10x Swamp
10x Forest
2x Academy Ruins

2x Wingrattle Scarecrow
4x Scuttlemutt
3x Lockjaw Snapper
2x Thornwatch Scarecrow
2x Watchwing Scarecrow
2x Chainbreaker Scarecrow
2x Wicker Warcrawler
1x Blazethorn Scarecrow
2x Llanowar Elves
2x Reaper King
1x Rattleblaze Scarecrow

4x Terror
4x Harmonize
4x Diabolic Tutor
3x Loxodon Warhamer
2x Might of Oaks
2x Healing Leaves

11. AFRO - January 16, 2013

4 Astral Slide
4 Reaper King
4 Life from the Loam
4 Barren Moor
4 Forgotten Cave
4 Lonely Sandbar
4 Polluted Mire
4 Secluded Steppe
4 Cloudshift
4 Ghostly Flicker
2 Grim Poppet
4 Heap Doll
4 Wingrattle Scarecrow
4 Scuttlemutt
4 Scarecrone
2 Venser, the Sojourner
4 Crucible of Worlds
4 Tinker
4 Tranquil Thicket
4 Blasted Landscape
4 Unearth
I made an Astral Slide Cycling Scarecrow deck to flicker stuff in and out I made it for casual play

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