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First Shadowmoor Type 2 May 29, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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So I’m working on my first Shadowmoor Deck that is Type 2 legal. Because I haven’t been collecting as much as I usually would I’m really behind the competitive edge, in terms of cards I own. The Deck Builders Merfolk deck in my previous post really has me thinking Merfolk, but I really want to play some of the cards I already own for fun. 

So I found something that fits my goals and I will modify a bit. The original Deck List is here found on Essential Magic. Basically Faeries and a few tricks. I’m going to go play test in a bit.

Any thoughts?


After playing a few games here are my thoughts: 

Glen Elendra Liege is nice but really only pumps most of my guys 1/1 not both. I need to add more black blue guys or trade the Leige for Bad Moons. I would do this for speed with the bitterblossom. Maybe I could work in Wasp Lancer or Sygg. 
Not sure about Inkfathom Witch. Nice ability though.

I like Faerie Harbinger but I dont have much to search for in the way of bombs. If I dont have the land for Oona I probably would go for Glen Elendra Liege.

One major hole in this build is no removal. So I’m thinking Nameless Inversion. Although I did set aside a few copies of Peppersmoke and Shreakmaw. Something I could search for with the Faerie Harbinger. 



1. carmanavenue - June 9, 2008

What the heck is Type 2 legal?

2. Norm - June 9, 2008

Check this link for definitions of formats: http://essentialmagic.com//rules/formats.asp

Legal in a format refers to cards that are printed in specific sets. The sets make up the block. And the blocks listed make up the format. Magic has a more specific formula for calculating which blocks make up each format.

Here is the format list on MTG.com http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=judge/resources/banned.

Type 2 = Standard. I don’t know why there are two names for this and I not sure if there is any significance. The only thought I have is that type 2 refers to constructed rather than sealed (limited or draft).

3. Norm - June 9, 2008

Check the Wikipedia page for further information about each type. (Scroll to the constructed header).

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