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FNM – Drafting Shadowmoor May 31, 2008

Posted by Norm in Draft.
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Last night, I was able to make it to my local shop for some Friday Night Magic. This is my first Shadowmoor draft competitively so I was a little nervous about my ability to draft a competitive deck. My fears were put aside when during pack one, pick two I was handed a Demigod of Revenge. After picking Midnight Banshee pick one I felt pretty good about the rest of the draft. I wasn’t able to get anything else of major note. I did pull an early mid pick swans out of one deck (I rarely hate draft but there was the off chance of splashing blue). Anyway I was set pretty well in Red and Black. I could have splashed some green mana but it was unnecessary. I only felt I was lacking red burn and black flyers. Otherwise I felt like I did ok. 

My first two matches went very quick with me going 2-0 both times. My deck just preformed at a superior level. Basically turn 5ish Demigod and I always had the right answers to the threats. One cool play of note during game one, my opponent had a Prismatic Omen on the board and played a turn five Reaper King letting me know he had many scarecrows in his library. On my next draw step I pulled a Smash to Smithereens, suck on that Reaper King. 

But matches three and four turned out to be teh suck for my deck. Match three was a race in game one that I lost, and I was mana flooded in game two. (So frustrating because that was the match against the guy who went 4-0 and I felt I could have beat him if ya ya you get it). The final match I kept a dicy hand game one that didn’t go anywhere and again I just got beat game two.

So I finished 2-2 and surprisingly came in third place out of 10 and won a random Pendelhaven. 



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