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Eventide Spoilers Take 1 June 6, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Eventide, Spoilers.
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Today I woke up to a nice surprise. A link on magicthegathering.com to some Eventide Spoilers

They released a pack of cards with no text other than the card name and rarity (but if you mouse over the rare you get to see the card text, or just look below). 

So it looks like all the rumors about enemy colors are true. Other than that the rare looks spectaular and the art is as beautiful as Shadowmoor. 

Here is the rare, Overbeing of Myth:

and one other card that looks tasty, Snakeform:

And if you want to read more check out the MTG forums tread on this preview. 


Check out my other Eventide posts as I’ll be keeping up to date on the current spoiler info. Or click here for a complete list of my Eventide Spoiler posts. 



1. bruce wayne - June 25, 2008

u weirdo

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