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Learn to Play MTG: Mana Base June 16, 2008

Posted by Norm in Learn to Play Magic: the Gathering.
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For those of you learning to play I’m back with a new addition to my Learning to Play Magic Series: Mana base. 

I find myself building more limited decks, especially drafting, than general constructed. So thinking in a smaller setting is actually easier. Although I’ve built decks where speed is the goal and I’ve struggled over one or two lands for the proper consistency. 

Personally I think it is best to start with an educated guess as to how much of each type of land you need and then test your deck. In general for constructed I usually aim for a land base of 24 cards and then see how the deck plays. For limited (or 40 card decks) I religiously stick to a land base of 17 cards. Although depending on exactly what my mana cure is I’ll adjust, but that is a rare moment. 

My plan is usually pretty simple, I count up all the cards in each color and based on how each color breaks down distribute mana sources in a similar ratio. More for one color less for another. Now it is important to consider playing too few or too much of a color. You don’t want to flood yourself in a single source.

The Ferret wrote a great article on MTG.com that gave mathematical breakdowns and when to play alternative mana sources as well as mana fixers etc. Link here

He also mentioned an article by Jay Moldenhauer-Salazar who also provided breakdowns and strategic thinking when deriving a mana base. Link to the article here on star city games. 

So good luck and happy deck building. 



1. Felipe Budinich - November 17, 2010

Thanks, I was looking for those two articles 😉

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