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Blowfly Infestation June 18, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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I just received a request to write about Blowfly Infestation. I’ve had mixed feelings about this card, but I’ll share my general thoughts. 

First I hate it when I see across the table. Especially because I like to play small quick creatures that get pumped, so when I see something that can move -1/-1 counters around doesn’t make me happy. I think this card works well if you are playing a -1/-1 theme keeping those counters in play is going to be a really great tool. I think it would work well with Incremental Blight, Lockjaw Snapper, Scar or other instant that adds -1/-1 counters, and creatures with Wither. Another hidden benefit of Blowfly Infestation is its defense against creatures with persist. You can place counters on that creature so it dies and stays dead also those creatures add -1/-1 counters to themselves. Playing your own creatures with Persist is a great way to get -1/-1 counters on the board. 

So this card is a great utility in a -1/-1 theme. However this card by itself in a deck with marginal -1/-1 counters  doesn’t seem like a strong pick. Without a predictable source of -1/-1 counters you may find this card sitting on the table without much to do. 

Personally I wouldn’t play this card because I think there are better choices out there in regards to bigger badder threats (unless playing a -1/-1 theme). If you are playing with Blowfly Infestation please let me know and let me know how it is working for you. 



1. John R. Carman - June 18, 2008

I agree that this is meant to be played in a deck with a -1/-1 theme. It’s like Pyro, who can control fire but can’t create it.

2. Norm - June 19, 2008

This has actually given me an idea to create a -1/-1 counter theme deck. It will probably be my next build after I unlease the Scarecrow deck I’m almost finished with.

3. CopySix - June 19, 2008

Hey there Norm,
Good write-up on Blowfly Infestation.
I have had some limited success with this enchantment.
There was a very nice game when this was in play followed by an Incremental Blight and then Kulrath Knight . . . quite a good clean-up.

4. Justin Kownacki - June 21, 2008

The main drawback I’ve noticed with Blowfly Infestation is when it forces you, its owner, to start applying -1/-1 counters to your own creatures. This happens if you’re the only one with creatures left in play when Blowfly Infestation is triggered — say, by killing your opponent’s last creature (who happened to have a -1/-1 counter on it) — thereby forcing you to deplete your own army. Of course, this is where Fate Transfer can come in handy…

5. Aidan Evans - June 26, 2008

I use blowfly infestation in my 85 card shadowmoor black and red card.
The most useful thing it’s done for me is wiping out a whole horde of 1/1’s. I was playing my friend’s elemental deck, and he had a ton of smokebraiders on the field (all 1/1’s) and he killed one of my cards with a -1/1 counter on it (not realizing what he was doing) and I took that counter and put it on one smokebraider. That one died, so i took the same counter and put it on the next one, and so on and so forth. This completely wiped out his mana supply and left him open for attack.
Plus, it really helps keep powerful creatures down. In combination with kulrath knight, which stops any opponent’s creatures from attacking or blocking, it’s an amazing enchantment.

6. Sam Jackson - July 6, 2008

I have been testing out some of the new eventide cards in a mock up deck with blowfly, masses of cheap wither creatures and LILIANA VESS. You may think that this is not a great combo but it is easy to keep wiping the board with -1/-1 counters and keep Vess pumping then you can unleash all hell so far 6-2 wins vs B/U faeries and 7-3 vs mono blue merfolk, 5-0 vs elves.
So i would have ti say i am happy, the biggest issue is having enough instants to control the game when vess comes into play, your hp starts to fun low when they have blinterblossm in play and you dont draw blowfly early….but there are ways around this.

7. Norm - July 7, 2008

Sam, Have you considered running Beseech the Queen to tutor for Blowfly Infestation. I also have a new respect for the Blowfly deck I won against Kithkin Mirrorweave.

8. CopySix - July 8, 2008

My buddy Norm at Casual Magic said “I really like your combo with Blowfly Infestation. I may have to mention that combo on my site after my post related to that card. I’ll say it here first. I’ve given new respect to Blowfly Infestation as a deck theme. I may try and pull it out at a FNM. Would you be interested in building and comparing Blowfly Infestation decks?”

Well here it is . . . a WITHER deck containing 40 spells (just add black mana and an appropriate side-board). I tried to maintain a minimal amount of rare cards to make this somewhat affordable. I think it’s ‘Wither-riffic’ !

4 x Oona’s Gatewarden / 2/1 Creature / (U/B) / SHA-Com / Flying, Defender, Wither

4 x Raven’s Crimer / Sorcery / B / EVE-Com / Target player discards a card, Retrace.

4 x Torture / Enchantment Aura / B / EVE-Com / 1B : Put a -1/-1 counter on enchanted creature.

4x Sickle Ripper / 2/1 Creature / 1B / Wither

4 x Necroskitter / 1/4 Creature / 1BB / EVE-Rare / Wither, Whenerver a creature an opponent controls with a -1/-1 counter on it is put into a graveyard, you may return that card to play under your control.

4 x Blowfly Infestation / Enchantment / 2B / SHA-Uncom / Whenever a creature is put into a graveyard from play, if it had a -1/-1 counter on it, put a -1/-1 counter on target creature.

4 x Needle Specter / 1/1 Creature / 1BB / EVE-Rare / Flying, Wither, Whenever Needle Spectre deals combat damage to a player, that player discards a card.

4 x Lockjaw Snapper / 2/2 Artifact Creature / 4 / SHA-Uncom / Wither, When Lockjaw Snapper is put into a graveyard from play, put a -1/-1 counter on each creature with a -1/-1 counter on it.

4 x Incremental Blight / Sorcery / 3BB / SHA-Uncom / Put a -1/-1 counter on target creature, two -1/-1 counters on another target creature, and three -1/-1 counters on a third target creature.

4 x Kulrath Knight / 3/3 Creature / 3(B/R)(B/R) / SHA-Uncom / Flying, Wither, Creatures your opponents control with counters on them can’t attack or block.

9. CopySix - July 8, 2008

(Refer to above) – Alternatively, you may choose to use Hunter of Eyeblights . . . This works with ANY counter – either +1/+1 OR -1/-1.
4 x Hunter of Eyeblights / 3/3 Creature / 3BB / LOR-Uncom / When Hunter of Eyeblights comes into play, put a +1/+1 counter on target creature you don’t control, Pay 2B & Tap – Destroy target creature with a counter on it.

10. Blowfly Infestation - The Decklist « Casual Magic - July 8, 2008

[…] Infestation. I built this deck after getting some ideas when I wrote about the card on an earlier post. I asd CopySix (author of Lorwyn Unleashed) if he wanted to compare deck builds for Blowfly […]

11. VNK - January 12, 2009

Okay. This card can really wipe everything on the board out. My opponent had two of them out. So every -1/-1 became two -1/-1. He killed one of my creature with three -1/-1 on it. That became six -1/-1 which he used to wipe out two 3/3 creatures. That then gave him twelve -1/-1 when those creatures went to the graveyard. Since the cards says “put” and not “may”, he had to start putting them on his creatures. He regenerated one of his creature, but since it never reached the graveyard, the counters were still on it. So it ultimately died as well. Every creature got toast. Was this the correct result?

12. VNK - January 12, 2009

I argued that killing my creature with three -1/-1 counters only gave him two -1/-1 as he had two Blowfly Infestation. One creature went to the graveyard. It had several -1/-1 counters on it. He had two BI, so he gets two -1/-1. Who is right?

13. Norm - January 13, 2009

VNK, I’m not exactly sure what your two scenarios are but I can tell you the rule. Blowfly Infestation triggers when a creature with a -1/-1 goes to the graveyard. So it doesn’t matter how many negative counters are on the creature one or four would trigger BI’s ablility. As the rules text states you only get to place one counter on a legal target, regardless of how many -1/-1 counters were on the creature when it went to the graveyard.

Since there are two Blowfly Infestations in play you are right in the fact that there are only two total counters that can be given out per creature triggering the ability.

If you want to break it down even more. Each instance of BI will trigger separately and use the stack. With two in play your opponent will put one counter on a target and then another. Not two simultaneously. This is important if you wanted to do something like play a Giant Growth after BI hits the stack. I’m also pretty sure that your opponent will have to choose the targets before the ability goes on to the stack. So you will know what creatures are in danger before having to make any decisions.

Hope that helps.

14. VNK - January 13, 2009

Thank you Norm.

15. Rajiv - October 1, 2010

This card is VERY EFFECTIVE in removing tokens!
I wiped out armies of aggressive squirrels with this. Millions literally, saving me from the humiliation of getting crushed by legions of rodents.
Say your opponent has in one turn placed a million 1/1 tokens on his side. If you have blowfly infestation, you simply need a scar or anything giving a -1/-1 counter to place on one token, and they all die successively. Like a machine gun effect!
The combo with Kulrath Knight is also lethal against big creatures. Blowfly Infestation based-deck is definitely a fun deck to play with!

16. Nimmy - April 28, 2011

Anyone knows what happens if you have more than one of these on the table? Does the effect stack? Here’s a hypothetical situation. I have two of these out. I use a ‘Scar’ spell to place a -1/-1 on a 1/1 creature. As a result, the creature dies with a -1/-1 token on it. Now, do I have to use the ability twice (i.e I actually get to place 2 -1/-1 tokens, 1 for each enchantment?) If it behaves this way, then let’s say I choose two different 1/1 creatures to place the tokens. As a result, both die and the effect triggers again. If this is a legal use of the card, then you could easily wipe out large tracks of creatures in a single turn.

I have a deck idea I think I might make up to annoy my roommate that involves lots of -1/-1 spells, proliferates, creatures with wither/infect/persist, and a liliana vess. Would it win in a FNM or regular tournament? Absolutely not. Will it drive my obsessive min/maxing deck-building roommate nuts when I use it? Yes. Any thoughts?

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