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Scarecrow Deck June 20, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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I know I’ve been promising a Scarecrow deck list and I’m almost there. I’ve looked at some other Scarecrow builds and I think a lot of them lack the proper focus and don’t take enough advantage of Reaper King’s awesome ability. I haven’t seen a scarecrow deck that looked dead on so here is my build. I think limiting the mana sources is a strong move since only the Reaper King has the crazy mana requirement. So prismatic omen is a must not a may here. 

Check out my initial pull of cards that I thought would have a good synergy. Any thoughts and ideas are welcome. 

Blazethorn Scarecrow
Heap Doll
Reaper King
Thornwatch Scarecrow
Watchwing Scarecrow
Wicker Warcrawler
Wingrattle Scarecrow 

Other Creatures
Woodland Changeling
Chameleon Colossus
Changeling Titan 
Game-Trail Changeling
Taurean Mauler
Fire-Belly Changeling
War-Spike Changeling 
Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir 

Other Spells
Prismatic Omen
Umbral Mantle 
Guttural Response
Familiar’s Ruse (maybe would only work with Prismatic Omen in play) 
Springleaf Drum 
Blades of Velis Vel 

Vivid Lands 

The goal of this deck is to get Reaper King out with the help of Prismatic Omen and basically kill every other creature by putting scarecrows in play. Added the few counter spells to protect my guys. I was thinking about running one Teferi to give all my guys flash and instant speed destruction. 

Other ideas since pulling together this list have been Primal Command and either Turn to Mist or Momentary Blink. The latter two spells would be great control elements when I have Reaper King in play. My main concerns are this deck is going to be super slow to get moving. I’m basically going to have to have a Prismatic Omen in hand early or draw land every turn. Anyway this is a rough deck list that I’ll get into shape this weekend and let you know how it goes. 



1. Jameson - July 9, 2008

I am working on a scarecrow deck, and it is quite different. I’m running 5 colors, and I’ve always been able to play reaper king on turn 5 (sometimes on turn 4 with help from scuttlemut)

4 scuttlemuts, 2 terramorphic expanse, 2 fertile ground, and a ”vivid” land for every color. I am usually guaranteed to have every color I need. Since I’m running 5 color, I put in two of each hybrid ‘aura’ and usually equip on whoever, considering scuttlemut can make anybody and color(s). And… scrapbasket is very good for this technique because he can become any color, so that has almost the same effect as using his color change for the liege tactic. Reaper King works the best with the enchantments, no doubt, due to the fact that he is every color. When eventide comes out, there will be some cheaper scarecrows (including another one drop) and one drop dual enchantments that do awesome things! There is potential for a scarecrow deck, but we may have to wait it out a while.

MercifulDeath - July 17, 2011

or you can use cards such as elvish piper or dragon arch they allow you to put creatures into play without fear of being countered and they cost very little to cast and their abilities are cheap too

2. unknown - July 11, 2008

darksteel forge

3. Anonymous - July 27, 2008

If anyone is reading this, I’m working on a scarecrow deck, myself. I only have scarecrows as the creatures (except for 2 Goldenglow Moths, which I may take out, anyway.) and the wisps from Shadowmoor as other spells. I also have two Fate Transfers. I could use some pointers, along with some reccomended cards.

4. Norm - July 28, 2008

Hi, Norm here. I’m reading and happy to make a few suggestions. I have refined the above scarecrows to a blue/green base with changelings as the support creatures except for three: Mulldrifter, Mistmeadow Witch and Teferi. My thought is to get Reaper King out with Prismatic Omen and then play as many scarecrows as I can to wipe my opponents board and move in for the kill. Here is the thing. It is sooo slow. I haven’t tweaked it enough to find a happy medium with the Reaper King etc.

If you check out this article the last deck listed is a mono white scarecrow deck. http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=mtgcom/daily/cm131

or check out one of these sites and see what other scarecrow decks people are making.

5. jake - July 31, 2008

ever thought of useing regeneration in a scarecrow deck so if reaper king did die that you could bring him back llike that or even thought of discarding him then regenerate for less mana cost than his actual cost and in the end making the deck faster.

6. John - August 3, 2008

Hey, since eventide is out, why not use a couple of merfolk looter and bonded fetch to throw reaper king in the graveyard then use scarecrone to bring it back on turn 4.In fact, with this in mind, it’s possible to play a mono-blue scarecrow deck.

7. Norm - August 4, 2008


Awesome idea. I have yet to pick up any Scarcrone but they are now on my must get list.

Look for an upcoming post with a revised Scarecrow deck.

8. derek - August 12, 2008

those ideas on scarecrow decks are pretty decent, but i have been working on a build with mishra, artificer prodigy and it is insane!!!

9. Relando - August 14, 2008

Scarecrone + Composite Golem + Thornbite Staff


At end of article is a scarecrow deck

10. Icero Verseal - February 19, 2009

Add tinker to the deck it costs 1 blue then 2 of any color you sack an artifact to bring another from you deck into play

11. Logan - April 12, 2009

i too am amking a scarecrow deck, but it’s a combination scarecrow/ Treefolk deck. i can’t quite tell you what all is in my deck 100%, since i don’t have my deck on me, but i can tell you a few of the things that i am always able to do with it.

first, you need to know a few of the cards that are in my deck.

Timber Protector x2
Wrath of God x2
Mirror entidy x 1
Enchanted Evening x2
Tranquility x 3
Shield of Oversoul x1
Fireball x2

now, if you don’t know what these cards can do when put together, let me explain. a Timber protector by itself makes all of the tree folks that you have indestructible, as well as giving them a 1/1 boost. two of them is guaranteed that you never lose a monster on the field, since they protect each other. after this, you should guess right on the first try. with all of my guys indestructible, (save for the scare crows, but i have a card that makes them treefolk too) wrath of god is a no brainer. wrath of god destroys all of the monsters, Mirror entidy boosts up my treefolk and scarecrows attack by however many land that i have. (and i get a lot) now, the enchanted evenings turn everything into Enchantments. while tranquility destroys enchantments. once again, Timber protectors save the day. The enchanted evening also turns lands into enchantments too. i do have a card that saves me from that, but i forgot the name. by destroying all of my enemies monsters and lands, therer is absolutley no way they can win, when all of my monsters are 12/12’s and are ready to attack unblocked. The fireballs are for incase i don’t get to wrath of god or enchanted evening in time, or if my opponet keeps gaining life.

this is only a small part of my amny stradigies with my Scarecrow Tree deck. i hope that you will like my finished product, i will be putting it on here shortly.

12. alex akers - August 25, 2009

i figure to conter act the -1/-1 counters go with modular cards like the arcbounds just to deck more stabile

13. alex akers - August 25, 2009

my bad make the deck more stabile

14. HunterX57 - January 25, 2010

My Scarecrow deck is incomplete, but it has it’s moments. Basicaly focuses on using Kaleidostone to cycle the deck while building up mana.

Generally turn 5 with stone, or turn 6 with 2 colorless to make up for a missing color gets the king out quickly.

I also threw in Fusion elementals for random big monsters, and I utilize Colfenors Urn to use it’s end turn effect of bringing 3 monsters back into play (usually all scarecrows) to nuke out 3 permanents at the end of my turn. (As long as Reaper King is out of course)

It’s not the greatest, but short of Burn, Elf zerg, or Zombie rushes, it’s managed to turn around a few games.

HunterX57 - January 25, 2010

Also Trash for treasure never hurts. (sack scuttlemut, revive reaper king, 1R 2Colorless)

15. daniel - September 20, 2011

i have 4 scuttle mutts 4 scarecrows with persist reaper king and ancient tombe aniamate dead reaper king belbes portal and other fun cards so if anyone is able to trade with me plz do i need elvish piper i also have phage the untouchable and raya dawn bringer i
really need help with my scarecrow deck all i may need is 1or 2 elvish pipers i also have the sliver holophoiled deck so if anyone needs slivers il trade em

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