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Unmake – The future of Black Removal – Maybe June 26, 2008

Posted by Norm in Eventide, Spoilers.
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Shadowmoor Block continues with the serious commons. This gives white and black a huge advantage. When Timespiral rotates out of standard there will be a big hole in the super efficient black removal. Except for Nameless Inversion bye-bye Damnation and Tendrils of Corruption. This doesn’t mean we won’t see some really nice black removal in Shards but I have a feeling there will be a shift in the removal scene. So will unmake replace Nameless Inversion? Perhaps. Although it costs one mana more it can deal with bigger and badder guys. I think I would run Unmake over Nameless Inversion. 




1. Duncan Hewes - June 26, 2008

Actually, this is alot closer to a true white card than black. Black sports “Destroy” and -X/-X effects. RFG is white’s territory. See Swords to Plowshares, Gaze of Justice, Last Breath, Crib Swap, Weight of Conscience, etc.

Most top tier decks that currently run Nameless inversion won’t even bat an eye at this card due to it’s BBB casting cost. Even with the current mana bases, it’s way too unreliable to run. The only existing top tier deck I see this being run in is Mirror Master and maybe(!) Lark combo.

That said, if I’m in either white or black, I’ll be snatching these up first pick on pack 3.

Side note: Does the black mana symbol on this look like an alien head to anyone else? The eye sockets seem pretty tall.

2. Jag - June 26, 2008

Sudden Death will also be rotating out. Unmake is certainly a blessing for white decks but I would still prefer Sudden Death in black.

As far as Nameless Inversion goes, I would prefer Unmake in a mono-black or white/black deck. The card is going to be downright amazing in such decks. Otherwise, I would go with Nameless.

All in all, a very impressive card.

3. Norm - June 26, 2008

Good points on Unmake, but with how easy it is to build effective 5 color decks I don’t see the mana cost a huge barrier.

I’m not sure If I would run this in Mirror Master only because Oblivion Ring can pretty much deal with anything, especially Planeswalkers.

I can’t wait to draft this set already and we’ve only seen a handful of cards.

And I never thought the skull looked stretched. But now that you mention it on on Unmake it does look a little odd.

4. Ed - July 4, 2008

unmake basically increases the appeal of 5c control basically… so better
start packing those md magus of the moons…

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