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Mutavault July 3, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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I’m pumped so I need to write about this. Earlier today I owned zero Mutavault and I was looking at them on Ebay, because you need this card in completive block decks. Right now they are going for about $30-40 each (some places higher) and a play set is coming in around $120. I was comtempating getting a box of Morningtide and hoping for the best. 

Fast forward to Arena League tonight. One of the guys had two extra Mutavault and was willing to trade. I basically gave up a foil Demigod of Revenge, two Bitterblossom and some change and scored two Mutavault. The fun doesn’t end there. On my way out I decided to buy a few booster packs for the road one pack of Lorwyn, Morningtide and Shadowmoor. To make a long story short I scored big three times on these packs. Lorwyn = Sower of Temptation, Morningtide = Mutavault, Shadowmoor = Sunken Ruins. 

Yep I got lucky. 

I also want to give a shout out to Dave who found my blog and let me know tonight.



1. CopySix - July 6, 2008

Nice !
That was a very sweet score – congrats !

2. Keronen - July 22, 2008


We are currently trying to complete a set of Mutavaults. Currently we have only two of ’em and they are going about 50$ per card. Disgusting that a minor blob of cellulose can be so expensive. 😀

3. Norm - July 22, 2008

Keronen, you might want to pick up a box of Morningtide and hope to get lucky. And if you don’t score two Mutavault then you will most likely have the cards to trade for it.

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