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4th of July Eventide Roundup July 4, 2008

Posted by Norm in Eventide, Spoilers.
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Happy 4th of July.

We get a national holiday and Wizards spoils a bunch of cards. I posted the art on Light from Within earlier and here is the card in full. Will it find a place in Kithkin Mirrorweave decks? I’d run it although it boarders on a win more card. But imagine how killer it would be to have Light from Within on the table with Thistledown Liege in play, attacking with three flying spirit creature tokens, and turning them all into the liege. Ouch. 

I poked some fun at the art on Spirit of the Hearth in an earlier post so I’ll give it a fair look now. Interesting protection creature. The only problem is there isn’t too much direct damage spells floating around right now. This would protect against discard and spells like Thoughtseize but your not going to have this out on turn one. This would be so much better if it were a smaller creature and cost less. I’d even give up flying to bring the cost down. So great art, not that exciting card. 

First of all I love the all Liege cards. Creakwood Liege packs a powerful punch. Initially when I saw this artwork I was hoping for a bad ass Scarecrow, instead we got a guy who drops 3/3 worm creature tokens. Suck on that Wolf-Skull Shaman. I do see this finding a place in the B/G elf decks, the elves knew it was coming, they have great patience. Creakwood’s drawback is his power and toughness. He can fall to a number of nasties. 

Now I’ve got to say U/R got the shaft on the Liege. Ya his abilities are awesome and he’s a 4/4 but a casting cost of 6 for the leige is a bit much. In today’s meta game things need to move fast. Now I was thinking that the Eventide Liege so far is a bit more serious than what we have seen in Shadowmoor. Any thoughs on that? Also will all the new Liege’s be Horror creatures?

Finally, I’m continually disappointed in the Scarecrow creatures. What a great new creature type. How interesting, how cool. How unexciting did these turn out to be. I guess everything can’t be super awesome in a set but I’m really sad to see this guy… So after walking away for a sec and coming back to this post I’ve had this new thought. I get what Wizards are doing with Scarecrows, they are solitary creatures each doing it’s own thing independently not a unit of straw warriors with a vengeance. Scarecrows are not slivers either and should function differently.  

OK I’m not going to leave on that note so here is the other card everyone was talking about last night. Pretty cool. According to the Eventide Orb there are 21 instances of untap. I don’t know if that included the untap symbol or just the word.

Have a good holiday everyone and don’t light too much on fire.



1. Knight - October 30, 2008

Thraser actually works with more than the untap symbol. Assuming you tapped 3 land to play him, he’ll be at least a 4/4 the next turn (as 3 cards will untap). The untap symbol makes him stronger–but this effect would have been strong even just running core sets or in a draft. Even more evil when you look at untap/tap loops (there’s a few out there…).

As for Scarecrows: Scarecrone and Master Painter are nice cards. Antler Skullkin (the persist one), Master Painter, Scarecrone and ScuttleMutt make an interesting addition to an artifact deck. Especially if you can find enough artifacts that generate or come into play with +1/+1 counters (Workhorse, etc…).

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