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Eventide White July 22, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Eventide.
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Part of my Eventide exploration, here is my review of selected white cards, found on the full visual spoiler

I really like this card because of its casting cost and power/toughness. Once Flickerwisp is already in play it’s triggered effect will go off doing something cool with one of your creatures or removing a potential threat for the turn. I think the 3/1 is a good p/t because of the flying ability. A better magic  player than me always said a 2/2 with flying for 3 mana is a good card (in limited). Yes this is a little weaker but unless your opponent has something to deal with flying they will have to use one of their spells to take care of this guy. Solid card in my book. 

Kithkin Spellduster
Not the strongest card we see in white but an interesting bit of enchantment control. This guy is going to keep coming back and is a flyer to boot. The casting cost is a little high but for a common I can deal. 

Patrol Signaler
I really like this card. With how easy it is to make Kithkins bigger his ability is easily relevant. I think the biggest hurdle is the 1/1 toughness. Also if you are able to take advantage of this guy early he can help you keep cards in your hand if you are able to tap and untap for a guy.


Recumbent Bliss
So recumbent as the illustration might suggest, lying down. Another interesting fact is that there are recumbent stones found in the UK. I don’t know if that is of any relevence to the naming of this card, but turning a creature to stone or making it lye down while you happily gain life is a great card in my book. This reminds me of Faith’s Fetters from Ravnica. 

Suture Sprite
I like this creature it feels well rounded. Too bad it isn’t a Kithkin Spirit, then we might really have something on our hands. The artwork is cool too. It is like a menacing spirit but helpful, kind of makes Casper look like the little pest he really is. I mean who did Casper ever regenerate.



1. Duncan - July 22, 2008

I’d just like to point out that white is just as amazing in limited as it was in Shadowmoor if not more so. I won our draft tonight(7 players) with an almost mono-white deck(the only splash was two islands for a lone Mistmeadow Witch). Cenn’s Enlistment created some huge card advantage.

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