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Eventide Blue July 23, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Eventide.
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Part of my Eventide exploration, here is my review of selected blue cards, found on the full visual spoiler

Banishing Knack
I love the art work on this card. Thank little guy casting a spell against all odds really summarizes the game of magic to me. I like the art so much I’ll give you the link to artist Howard Lyon’s website.

I only wish that this card had retrace. I think it would be worth two mana then.

Dream Fracture
An eye for an eye?This is basically a Cancel that gives each player another card in hand. I don’t think this is a bad card since it will keep the game moving. You could counter one of your own spells drawing two cards… Again good art here (Ha, I only just noticed it is Howard again). 

In a color matters world this card has the potential to be a great tool. However I do see this as a more casual card than something in constructed. However it could be a nice little surprise in draft or limited.  

Glen Elandra Archmage
Here is a very interesting creature. a 2/2 flyer with the ability to counter 2 noncreature spells. I for one haven’t been playing much of Faeries lately, so I don’t know if this is good enough for the competitive Fae decks.  However I would like to put this in some casual decks for bit of good old fashioned control. 

And I said nonblue goes home. This might cost a lot but it beats creatures that cannot be destroyed as well as shroud.



1. Duncan - July 23, 2008

Just wanted to mention that Banish Knack creates a nice little limited combo with Puresight Merrow. I bounced 6 guys in one turn at the pre-release.

2. Norm - July 23, 2008

Nice combo. Especially since it is instant. Doing it on an opponents EOT or while they are attacking is pretty cool.

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