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Rochester Draft July 23, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Draft.
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Tonight I had to forgo a draft event with the Arcane Order, but I was able to organize an impromptu Rochester Draft later in the evening. Since I need mostly cards in Morningtide that is what we used for all three packs. Unfortunately there were no major bombs opened but we did have a solid group of commons and uncommons. I stuck with a Red/Black warriors, elementals and goblins strategy that worked out rather well. My main creature type was warriors and I was able to get a good group with changelings and Brighthearth Banneret.

The basic combat strategy was to do damage in smaller increments until dropping Boldwyr Intimidator who basically was my win condition. I had a lot of removal for limited and was able to kill my opponents creatures as they became threats. 

Rochester Drafting is fun especially when playing with friends in a not so competitive setting. While we didn’t do much talking (because it was kind of late) this draft format provides the opportunity to talk about card strengths and weaknesses.



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