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B/W Mimic July 27, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Eventide.
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Today we all got to enjoy the Eventide release parties. I was also celebrating one of my buddies’ birthdays so what better way than to take him to a release party. He actually finished one place ahead of me so I was happy for him. I didn’t do too well finishing with a 2-2-1 record, that is about as average as you can get. I was playing with black and green as my core mana base. 

While the release was a good time what I really want to talk about is the glimpse I got into the power of Eventide B/W. There are three cards that really bring the power in this group: Nightsky Mimic, Edge of the Divinity and Voracious Hatchling. These spells are fast and vicious. A turn two Nightsky Mimic followed by turn three Edge of the Divinity and if you are luck you will have two on that turn. You are dealing 10 damage turn three. Assuming that the Mimic doesn’t get killed turn two or three I see a superfast super creature in action. 

Today I was always able to get at least one hit at this size (when I have the cards) before the creature got killed. So tonight when I got home I built my first B/W Mimic deck. Here is a link to the deck list. I’m using this new deck list site MTG Vault.com. So far I like how simple it is there isn’t a lot of ads, etc. 

I built the deck out of the Eventide cards I have and salvaged the rest of the deck from a black white Guildback deck I had hanging around. I’ve played a few games and it hits fast and hard. I was playing against elves that didn’t have defense against flying and really didn’t have any removal so it wasn’t real situation. I’m looking forward to see what this will do in the current block format. 

Has anyone else seen any great power emerge in Eventide?



1. Dingo Babies - July 31, 2008

Try Blue, Red, Green. my friend has a deck with all the mimics for that color combo as well as all the cheap +1/+1, +1+1 enchants for those colors. Throw in some slippery bogles and some Turn to Snake and you can get some monster creatures down on turn 2,3 and 4. If you get the right draw you can have shrouded creatures that are unblockable, untargettable and have haste.

Its sickening.

2. Adam - November 29, 2008

Nip Gwillion first turn with an Edge of Divinity and Unholy strength or 2nd EoD if u have it is a killer… I’ve 3rd turn killed a few opponents with my B/W deck… throw in Deathbringer Liege, Divinity of Pride and Unmake and it is a devastating color merge to play with.

3. psydayfrierry - May 10, 2010

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Total good

4. Sergsander - July 2, 2010


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