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Eventide Green July 29, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Eventide.
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Part of my Eventide exploration, here is my review of selected green cards, found on the full visual spoiler.

Green overall doesn’t appear as strong as the previous three sets. This may have to do with the major absence of elves. I think this thought mirrors what other people are saying about the set in general. I hate to think of any release as bad but this one is lacking the punches, and green this time around was tough to choose favorites. 

Helix Pinnacle
So I doubt that this will win any games at a FNM, but I do think this will win in a multiplayer game where everyone is gaining ridiculous amounts of life (you know who you are). Of course my casual group does play with a lot of enchantment hate so if I’m going to use this as a relevant strategy I’ll have to have some protection. So fun card maybe could be relevant with Doubling Season.

Monstrify can make itself relevant because of Retrace. I think this is going to be a good card in limited and draft. I think retrace in limited formats is really good over all so we’ll see how it shakes out. 


The next two cards I think are going to be fun cards in mono green casual decks with big green mana. Because they are fun cards with cool abilities but honestly the casting costs are so high only a Dramatic Entrance will otherwise make them playable. 

With above precursor sweet artwork that when this guy drops he’ll be a minimum 6/6 and ready to rip.  

Regal Force
Now here is a big guy that does have a pretty cool reward when he comes into play. Basically we are combining Harmonize with a 5/5 dude (the dude would be 3 mana). So if we look at it from that perspective we are getting a lot of bang for the buck as you are most likely going to have a few other green guys around.  The only problem is that you are probably not going to have enough mana to play any of those other spells on the same turn.

Wickerbough Elder
I think this is a strong card for a common. He can take Wither hits and keep it real. This is also a good outlet for enchantment control. I would consider this a solid mid pack pick in a draft.



1. CopySix - July 29, 2008

Solid write-ups on the cards . . .
Wanted to know – – What are your thoughts on the ‘retrace’ mechanic ? ?

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