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Eventide Retrace July 30, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Clearly the best new mechanic in Eventide is Retrace. I really think that this is yet to be fully exploited and built around. I have a few ideas myself for this mechanic that involve Noggles, Retrace and Countryside Crusher (I just need to get my hands on three more crushers). This will be a fun deck I’ll probably make for casual play but I see it as mono red (maybe a bit of blue) and some serious creature land situations. Heck I may even throw in Dryad Arbor

Seriously I think Retrace is a killer mechanic, because the more I learn about magic the more I understand that cards that can be used more than once = card advantage, and card advantage = power, and power = don’t mess with this. Most of the Retrace cards do something you would normally play anyway. So late game when you draw and extra land (or four) normally this would be a flood situation. Well not any more because now you have a combat trick or a way to deal that extra one or two damage to your opponent. I wouldn’t count on retrace being the a win condition every game, but I do consider it an excellent option for late game. 

Currently there are 12 cards with Retrace:
Call the Skybreaker
Cenn’s Enlistment
Flame Jab
Oona’s Grace
Raven’s Crime
Savage Conception
Spitting Image
Syphon Life
Waves of Aggression
Worm Harvest

The three I think are the most useable are Flame Jab, Glamerdye and Monstrify, because of their casting cost and effect. I also think that Waves of Aggression and Worm Harvest are pretty powerful, but they have high costs. Waves is better because it can be used as a surprise and a game ender. An untap and double attack phase is really quite serious and with Retrace you could potentially do this turn after turn. 

What else is the general thinking around this mechanic. Did I miss something?



1. CopySix - July 30, 2008

I am somewhat tentative to use retrace but some of what you argue here has won me over to at least now seriously consider this mechanice.

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