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Getting ready for the block PTQ July 31, 2008

Posted by Norm in Constructed, Organized Play.
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Today I had a chance to think about block constructed. I’m getting ready to play in the PTQ comming up on August 23. I’ll be playing Kithkin Mirrorweave (link to the current cards I own in the deck, I’m working on the final build) and I’m really excited because this deck can pack a punch and I like the way it happens.

What has changed since the original build is Eventide. The addition of Figure of Destiny is baically a must. I’m not sure what I’m going to cut to add this creature but there are a few cards that I don’t think work very well over all. Militia’s Pride is one of them because I think it is a mana drain and only effective in the absolute right situation. I’ve had a few other suggestions to fill this slot (see below) so I’m looking for othe right fit. I know they are out there as I’ve seen some pretty good alterations.

I’m debating on running two or three Thistledown Liege main deck. Two seems like enough with one in the board for situations where I need the creature pump. I also had the suggestion to board Prison Term and main deck Light from Within. I think both of these options make sense. So I need to play test here and experiment.

Tonight I saw a brand new deck using Balefire Liege that brings the fire in a new way. I got spanked game one because I didn’t draw an Oblivion Ring. Game two I was able to out race his burn and creatures by removing the threats and taking the heat. Then next three games he got stuck on one or two lands and scooped within a few turns. Odd turn of events but he was frustated and needed to stop so I really didn’t get to see this deck in its full glory. I suspect that this deck could be a huge sleeper and be a surprise at the PTQ. The biggest weakness I see us against control and counter spells.

So I’ll be tweeking my Kithkin deck over the next couple of weeks. If you have any thoughts on the Kithkin deck please let me know.



1. Duncan - August 1, 2008

If you want, you can borrow any of my cards you want. I own 2 Thistledown Lieges, 4 Kinsbaile Borderguards, 4 Rustic Clachans, and 4 Mirrorweaves.

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