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Rules Question: Legal Target August 3, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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OK this seems like a trivial question but I couldn’t find anything specific after a quick rules search. Here is the scenario: my brother and I were playing with some block decks. I played Unmake, targeting one of his two creatures. He responds with Wild Ricochet and I have no creatures on the board. So here is where the rules question comes in. When choosing a new target for Unmake he wants to choose a creature in my graveyard. I don’t think this is a legal target since the card isn’t In Play, but I’m unsure because the card rules says remover target creature from the game. 


So I guess I’m just not sure if a card has to be in play to be considered a legal target for a spell on the stack that doesn’t specify a zone. Thanks in advance for the help.



1. Duncan - August 4, 2008

A creature card is only a creature in the play zone. It is not a legal target for Unmake anywhere else. One of his creatures is gonna get RFG’d.

2. Norm - August 4, 2008

Thanks you are my official rules guru.

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