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Eventide Blue/Red August 5, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Eventide.
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Part of my Eventide exploration, here is my review of selected blue/red hybrid cards, found on the full visual spoiler.

I think this is an extremely dynamic card. It gives blue some burn abilities and it gives red some traditional control. I think the casting cost is awesome for this guy as well as the first ability for two mana. I think playing both abilities on the same turn before attacking is very doable. Solid card that can really deal some damage. 

Dominus of Fealty
“Who is your daddy!” is what the flavor text should have read. I can see this guy fitting into a few decks right now. Taking control of another players liege or big guy really can mess with a game plan. 

Mindwrack Liege
I’ve been on the fence about this liege ever since it was spoiled. Don’t get me wrong I think the activated ability is really amazing, but the casting cost is over the top compared the other liege cards. I don’t think this ability is overpowered compared to the others. His only advantage is that he is harder to kill but that isn’t going to protect it from unmake or other removal. One you get him in play dropping a giant dragon or some some other beast for four is pretty awesome. I see this guy as being great in casual play that is extended.    

Noggle Bandit
Hands down the best of the Noggles. In draft there are only two or three other creatures who could potentially block this guy. Equipped with Clout of the Dominus this bandit can make it hurt.  

Shrewd Hatchling
One of my favorite blue/red cards in this set. I think this is an amazing card for four mana. The single mana cost of the activated ability makes it easy to target a number of creatures to slip in 6 damage. As always with this cycle of creatures he is vulnerable right out of the gate, but the fact that he can deal with Wither creatures is a pretty good deal.



1. Fatal Synapse - October 13, 2008

hey I’m a fellow magic player & i love blue & red cards. then i saw this deck with blue & red hybrid cards & it was love at first sight. me & my friends play Magic together & this deck is my favorite deck i have. i actualy bought alot of the cards that don’t come with it initially, online & i’ve customized the deck with alot of other blue & red cards & i’ve created a deck that my friends are now afraid to play against. i have in the deck all the cards listed above & i’ve built it so i maximize their possibilities. for instence you said the Mindwrack Liege isn’t that great, due most to his casting cost. and on that i would agree he does cost to much but i optimize his ability by(when i have him out) using him to summon a very costly creature(like some of the ones i’ve added) for only four. three creatures in particular i use Mindwrack for would be Nuckalavee(initially 6) my Living inferno(initially 8) & Denizen of the deep(initially 8). and with that i could have several super creatures out that now get a little boost witch makes them even more powerful. combined with all the counter spells i have to keep my creatures protected from such things as unmake and keeping my enemies creatures of the field leaving them defenseless open to attack by my buffed up creatures.

2. Norm - October 13, 2008

I haven’t put together a Blue/Red hybrid deck. Now with Shards of Alara, playing a card like Mindwrack Liege could be particularly devastating especially some of the new dragons that are basically auto wins if they can live a turn.

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