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Shards of Alara Prerelease and Release update August 6, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Shards of Alara.
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Today Wizards announced the avalible formats for the Shards of Alara prerelease and release events. 

The prerelease appears to be the same except no mention of drafting. This may have been a mistake as I seriously doubt they wouldn’t run draft events. I wish there was more information regarding the local shift, including prizes and a clear reason why this is an advantage over a larger event. Personally I have mixed feelings over the switch. While I like playing with a new and diverse group of people at the big prereleases, the Pittsbugh events haven’t been run that well, and if you can’t get there in the morning playing in more than one event isn’t going to happen. So I’m wondering if local stores will be able to offer more than one flight.

The release events seem to offer a larger variety of options for players but again I’m not sure how I see my local shop pulling this off especially because of the limited store space. I’m sure it will all work out but I’m sceptical at this stage because there doesn’t seem to be a clear advantage for players unless you live outside a metropolis.

If anyone from wizards is reading this I’ll issue a standing invitation to come onto the blog and talk about changes to the prerelease/ release strategy or any other topic for that matter.



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