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Shards of Alara Wallpaper August 11, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, Shards of Alara, Spoilers.
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It looks like we are trading Kithkin for animal/warrior people. The warriors actually remind me of the little people in Diablo II Act 3, except these people are regular size. Visually that would have been an interesting turn for shards, Kithkin of the bush. The animal people look better than the warriors in this illustration especially the elves on the left.

This is a really good collage of art so I’m assuming we are looking at elements from 7 or 8 different cards in shards. I wonder if the background is a land.

So breaking this down we have warriors with red accents. I’m assuming they will represent red. The elves obviously in green. The lion guy I’m going to assume is a white legendary creature or planeswalker. I say that based on my previous post with a similar creature named Ajani Vengeant. As for the cat people I’m going to guess they belong in black or red. I say black because the cat on the right is holding some sort of voodoo looking wand and red for the left guy who has a red tassle up top and seems to be making haste. My real question is what is going on with the teeth coming out of the giant snake with hair above the elves? 

So what is up with the shards logo? Why are there are only three colors present. Does that mean we will only see three colors in this release. Black and Blue off on vacation? Seriously this is different from the logo I posted on August 6th. Maybe the logo is from an earlier draft and wasn’t updated. I does not have a polished look. We’ll see. 



1. Miggles - August 11, 2008

The logo is different because it represents one of the worlds in Alara called Naya. This particular world is centered around green with aspects of both red and white. There will be five of these each centered in a main colour and dabbling in it’s allies. I reckon the cats will be in green rather than black as they are traditionally jungle creatures and there will be no black on this mini plane. I reckon you’re right about the planeswalker though, he looks a bit beefy to be a regular creature. He could also be a legend.
Keep up the good investigation work!

2. Duncan - August 11, 2008

Aye, Miggles is correct. This is an illustration of the plane of Naya. It’s a predominantly green plane with some red and some white. It’s rumored to have a land subtheme. Most of it’s flavor looks to be native South American(Aztec/Inca). As we can tell from the illustrations, it’s sentient inhabitants include humanoid cats, humans, and elves. Nacatl War Pride is the most probable reprint for Naya.

Each plane in Alara is in a predominant main color with less pronounced aspects of tit’s allies. The planes are as follows:
Bant – Wug – Rumored to have an enchantment subtheme
Esper – Uwb – Rumored to have an artifact subtheme
Grixis – Bur – Rumored to have a graveyard subtheme
Jund – Rbg
Naya – Grw – Rumored to have a land subtheme

3. Dunklebaron - August 14, 2008

I have to say, after viewing the Grixis wallpaper, it seems highly likely that red would be part of the plane, with all the fire accents in the image. Wizard’s does not often put that much fire in a picture and have it not have at least some red.

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