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Shards of Alara: Wallpaper Jund August 19, 2008

Posted by Norm in Shards of Alara, Spoilers.
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I do believe that this image tell us much that we already know, Dragons. I am really pumped that dragons are coming back and I hope they are relevent in constructed play. Hopefully there will be enough of a diverse group that can find play in many colors. More human esk creatures will be interesting to see in red. These guys kind of feel like Conan the Barbarian meets the sand people in Star Wars. And of course what would red be without goblins. 

One thought I have, as I wrap up coverage on these wallpapers, is that there seems to be a lot of visual cues from the Star Wars world. I could just be looking for it as there are some similarities. I’m not a Star Wars junkie or anything but it just seems to be interesting. I always have enjoyed thinking about where inspiration for certain blocks have come from especially the art department.



1. Cool wallpaper - August 20, 2008

interesting wallpaper ! keep it up

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