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Ajani Vengeant August 21, 2008

Posted by Norm in Shards of Alara, Spoilers.
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Wizards spoiled the Prerelease and Release alternate art Ajani Vengeant today. I’ve got to say those abilities are pretty serious. Assuming this is going to be an UltraRare I would make sure to be at as many events as possible to pickup multiple copies of this card. As we have learned from certain Plaeswalkers in the past they can really be game changers.

So I’ve got a flavor question about Planeswalkers that maybe you can help me with. Are there only 5 types of Planeswalkers? One for each color as the name of those cards will change for new guys. I guess I didn’t get that before so if some can fill me in or point me in the right direction that would be excellent.  



1. Gemini6Ice - August 21, 2008

sarkhan vol will have a new planeswalker type

2. Durtas - August 21, 2008

the answer is : not necessarily. let me explain this.
You are supposed to be a planeswalker, and some days you decide wether to play a colour or a combination of colours, other days you play different ones. but I’m pretty sure that among all the combinations possible, you still have your preferences.

For example, my absolute favourite is RED, but I still play decks of differnet colours.

If we take it to the planeswalking flavour, I would be a Chandra somehow, but when I change planes, I might preffer add some white to my spell resources… or maybe just change completely to pure black (that’s where all the fun is!)

this same way, our dear friend Ajani was a pure white planeswalker while visiting Lorwyn/Shadowmoor… but when he travelled to this other new plane, added some red to his arts, and therefore became a white/red planeswalker… or maybe he was transformed when he arrived to this broken plane and became more agressive, as red magic is… evereything is possible!

3. Duncan - August 23, 2008

To clarify, they specifically made Planeswalkers to NOT be the same as Legends. The problem with the Legend rule is that it has no way to not let the same person from different times occupy the battlefield. For instance, you can have Jeska and Phage, both Ertais, both Worts, both Syggs, and so on, on the fieldat the same time. This makes very little sense flavor-wise so they decided to stop that system at the source for Planeswalkers. You can’t have two Planeswalkers with the same type in play at the same time. This is because they are both the same person.

These two are both Ajani. The Shards one is right after his brother died when he became consumed with the rage that ignited his planeswalker spark(hence why he has a bit of red in him). The Lorwyn version is him after he’s had some time to cool down and return to his traditional Leonin colors.

I’m not sure what reasoning(other than flavor) is being used by Wizards to decide which planeswalkers will be copies but there will definitely be more than 5 types and most certainly not all will be repeated.

4. jereth - August 23, 2008

such a cute kitty

right im booked in for 4 prerelease event s 🙂

hell go nicely with my 4 foil ajani goldmanes

5. Norm - August 24, 2008

Thanks for the clarification. I’m not always up on the flavor part of the game. I can’t wait to see the others.

6. Cadenadebronce3 - September 4, 2008

It’s quite awesome the situation of find old planeswalkers in new planes… It’s a good idea to show that the power of a Planeswalker is to travel trough different planes and to change its alignement and abilities from one to another… It shows versatility and may confer new tactics when different Ajanis, or other Planeswalkers, may appear in different decks… I love this possibility…

7. tacoma - October 26, 2008

i have a ajani vengeant

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