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Questions about new magicthegathering.com August 26, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual.
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Since Wizards is updating the magicthegathering.com site this week I’m wondering a few things. 

1. Will all the links that myself and others have made to the site all become irrelevant? For example, I’ve linked to many articles magic posts. Will the path to those articles change? 

2. If you haven’t noticed today the gatherer is down. Probably because they are working on making the changeover. But same as question #1 will the card images I’ve linked to be different or even the card description?

It would be a pain to have to relink everything, but I’m excited to see the new site and I’m really hoping they did their homework and created a great site.



1. miken - July 8, 2009

Will the 2010 core set change the landscape of type two tournys and which sets are still eligable for type two.

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