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One Rare and a Prayer September 1, 2008

Posted by Norm in Casual, One Rare and a Prayer.
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I picked up a pack of Eventide this week to build around the rare. I pulled Nobilis of War, a very cool card that brings a punch. I thought this would be great in a first strike themed deck so I pulled the follwing together with only the cards I own. 

At first I thought this would be a pretty cool deck with almost all the creatures with first strike. However after playing playing this for a while it doesn’t preform well at all. Winning about 1/3 of the time. This says to me that first strike alone isn’t a strong enough theme to win a game consistently. Also I need more mana and more copies of Nobilis. I don’t think there is enough mana because I was consistently needing more mana. I also should have pulled some more burn from some of my other decks. 

However, Nobilis of War hits very hard when you have it on the board with other first strikers. Check out the list I haven’t modified it since the original build. 

Nobilis of War x 1

Tundra Wolves x 4
Plover Knights x 3
Silkbind Faerie x 3
Mosquito Guard x 4
Hobgoblin Dragoon x 3
Beligerent Hatchling x 2
Youthful Knight x 2
Anaba Bodyguard X 2
Rustrazor Butcher x 3
Hearthfire Hobgoblin x 1
Jawbone Skulkin x 1

Flame Jab x 2
Recumbent Bliss x1 
Puncture Blast x 2
Cenn’s Enlistment x 2
Incinerate x 2

Plains x 10
Mountain x 12



1. EvilBernd - September 2, 2008

He should be played with a lot of Haste-creatures, to hit as fast and hard as possible. Or combine him with W/R-Mimic (and give the Mimic haste 😉

2. Norm - September 2, 2008

Good thought about the mimic. I probably didn’t have any at the time I put this deck together. I would also had four copies of the Red/White enchantment and two more Belligerent Hatchling.

3. Kerri - September 5, 2008

wow, this sounds like it would be a great deck. What would you think about a blue/red or blue.red with some black… im trying to work on such a theme this week, looking around for cards and such to see what i can come up with. What do you think?

–Ps, mimics are awesome, and quite useful!… heh

4. Norm - September 6, 2008


I think that there are a lot of great blue red cards in eventide. When I put this deck together I really was focused on giving every creature first strike. I don’t know that there is first strike in blue. I may have overlooked a card but nothing is coming to mind off the top.

Please feel free to share with me your deck list. Happy Building!

5. Jeremiah Fyffe - November 10, 2008

I’m brand new to magic and this is my first deck that I put any thought into. I’m trying to bring some of the spells of red to the power and draw a card of green. I hope to pull Nobilis to add even more bang for my attacking buck. I think I can go short on Land because of my “draw a card” abilities. Let me know what you think. I have a pretty limited set of cards, but I’m gonna buy a box of Shards to hopefully get 4 of some of these and make things more predictable. I may even pick up 3 more Nobilis from my local shop to make it more predictable.

2 C Incurable Ogre
3 C Bloodthorn Taunter
2 C Battle Mimic
2 U Rockslide Elemental
1 R Nobilis of War
3 C Court Archer
2 C Elvish Visionary
2 U Drumhunter
1 C Wild Nactl
1 U Rhox Charger
1 R Spearbreaker Behemoth
2 C Cavern Thoctar
3 C Jungle Weaver
1 C Rip-Clan Crasher

2 U Jungle Shrine
1 U Savage Lands
10 C Forest
8 C Mountain

4 C Fire at Will
4 C Soul’s Fire

2 C Gift of the Gargantuan
1 U Sangrite Surge

1 R Where Ancients Tread
1 R Rise of the Hobgoblins

6. Adam - November 29, 2008

A good combo is nobilis of war in a white deck with creatures like Knight of Meadowgrain and Dvinity of Pride and then drop a


also for the OP’s deck I’d throw in 4 Oblivion Rings and a few Unmakes

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