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Sphinx Sovereign – More Mythic Rares September 9, 2008

Posted by Norm in Shards of Alara, Spoilers.
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Check out the Serious Fun article today and you will see the next mythic rare in Shards of Alara.

Ah yes there are more Mythic Rares than Planeswalkers. Sphinx Sovereign is a pretty serious flyer and once on the board he will do some serious damage. Not as serious as Oona but hits harder than a dragon and either gains you life or brings all opponents life down a few notches. 

It is very appropriate that the Sphinx is spoiled on Serious Fun because I don’t see this guy being serious in competitive play, unless there is some way to get artifact creatures into play for less (affinity). I’m actually going to invest in a play set of Scarecrone and devise a plan on getting this guy into play from my graveyard. (Thanks to a previous comment on my scarecrow post for that idea).

But honestly I kind of feel a little insulted by the call out box half way down the article. I mean they are trying to say that Mythic Rares are about twice as rare as any other regular rare. I wish that wizards would stop pretending that it is going to be easy to get ahold of these cards. I seriously doubt that this will be the case. In the sentence before they give the stats there is a 1 in 8 chance of pulling a rare out of a pack. Sigh. I really hope that the reduced card count will make it easier for the casual player to pick up some of these serious cards. 

I really like Deft Duelist. I really like creatures with first strike and the fact that this Rogue also has shroud makes it really formidable. Not much else to say other than solid draft pick, solid card in constructed.



1. Gemini6Ice - September 9, 2008

The odds of getting any old mythic rare versus getting any old rare are quite different, but because of the different number of cards in each rarity, the odds of getting a SPECIFIC mythic rare is only about half of the odds of getting a SPECIFIC rare.

It’s the fun of statistics! 😀

2. Norm - September 9, 2008

I guess I’m just not a fan of the Mythic Rare scenario. I should get over it though.

What do you think of the Sphinx?

3. Gilla - September 9, 2008

the sphinx shouldn’t be a mythic rare, its casting cost IMO is too high, because its an artifact it is really weak against green and white. the ability is cool, but it should cost maybe 2 W/B W/B U U

Deft Duelist is amazing, and its a common? it looks like something from the Ravinca block.

4. Gemini6Ice - September 9, 2008

I think we can’t *really* judge the Sphinx until we see how Esper executes its artifact-love. I really doubt that affinity for artifacts will be resurrected (since they had to work so hard to unbreak some constructed formats while Mirrodin was in rotation).

I love the card, but there are two disclaimers: I’m a Johnny/Vorthos, and I prefer limited formats. Yeah, it might not be that great in constructed (3+color is always a challenge to execute well), but in a draft game or an unbuilt game (where you have to use what you pick–no deckbuilding), you’d have enough time to get the right lands or mana-fixing out.

5. Knav - September 10, 2008

Esper is so far my favorite shard! In conjunction with some of the cards that will remain after the rotation it’ll be fun. Mind Stone and Scuttlemutt for some artifact acceleration into lets say, Tezzeret the Seeker. I think I’m also gonna invest in a playset of Scarecrones, it’s a very good idea.

Sure Green/White has an advantage, Blue has counterspells. There’s a trade off to everything. The most effect artifact killer is Fracturing Gust, because it gives you life, tipping the field in your favor. We’ll see who can build the better Artifact deck. ^_^

6. Cadenadebronce3 - September 11, 2008

I don’t like the inclusion of “mythic rarity”, I don’t see its viability nor either its reason to be… It’s not a drastic change I mean… Can anyone tell me how many times they have opened a Lorwyn pack with Garruk inside?… Me, just once in thousand packs… I guess there were rare cards that didn’t appear so many times as others before, so mythic is innecessary… However I consider a good effort and change the “colored artifact” cycle in Alara… yes, that’s good enough to expect something interesting about Alara… though, Sovereign Sphinx is uncastable at real play… so let’s see what finally happens with Alara!

7. kostool - September 15, 2008

Has anyone even read what Wizards had to say about mythic rare cards? They are not supposed to be strategy cards that each player has to have a full playset of four… They are going to be overpowered but also most of the time high mana-cost cards depicting unique creatures or spells of immense power, cards that will have to be dealt with by the opponent once they hit the board. With the exception of planeswalkers, don’t expect to afford (mana-wise) having more than 1-2 copies of a mythic rare card in your decks, people.

8. Will Staples - September 17, 2008

Deft Duelist – I’m a bit surprised that it took this long for R&D to put two evergreen keywords like first strike and shroud together, which I like. Same goes for the R/W Bull Cerodon with vigilance and haste. All in all, this block feels to me a bit like Ravnica redux, and I’m A-OK with that.

Mythic rare – Meh. I’d been thinking of getting out of compulsively collecting Magic cards ever since LOR/SHA ended, and this only gives me another reason to.

9. John - September 27, 2008

Apparently there’s a type of “herald” to the sphinx. By sacrificing a blue creature, a black creature and a white creature, you can search out the sphinx and put it into play instantly.

If there’s really such a card, it goes something like this

turn one-oona gatewarden
turn two-zealous guardian and the “herald”
turn three-sacrifice all 3 and u have yourself a sphinx in turn 3 in a mono-blue deck…

10. sageaqua - October 6, 2008

I like Deft Duelist – she’s quick, mean and armored – useful. Right now I’m building a deck around her and conspiracy. She could be a such a great card in the right deck.

11. atari - December 11, 2008

the reason for its high casting is because of its passive ability, it’s an auto incinerate w/ no casting cost.

plus, its an artifact and it’s suppose to be working with etherium sculpture.

and btw, 6/6 flying?

12. Kamina - January 24, 2009

and if you have a sphinx’s hearald out you can play it if you sacrifice a white creature, a black creature and a blue creature for a total of 4 mana

13. Kamina - January 24, 2009

and all you need to sacrifice is a windwrite mage

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